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TrustBuilder provides a flexible solution through rich white-label integration for mobile and web.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is TrustBuilder white-label integration?

TrustBuilder provides a set of tools and libraries that allow you to integrate TrustBuilder’s authentication and identity management features into your applications.

How can I get help or support for integrating TrustBuilder in white label?

For help or support with TrustBuilder SDKs, you can refer to the official documentation, or contact TrustBuilder’s technical support.

Is TrustBuilder White Label Integration secure?

Yes, TrustBuilder White Label Integration maintains the same high level of security as standard TrustBuilder integration, with robust encryption and security protocols to protect data and communications.

What skills are required for TrustBuilder white-label integrations?

The skills required TrustBuilder white-label integrations depend on the component to be integrated. You may need knowledge of mobile programming languages as well as basic JavaScript. For more information, please refer to the relevant technical documentation.

Which programming languages are supported by TrustBuilder SDKs?

TrustBuilder SDKs support several common programming languages such as JavaScript, Java and Swift.

Where can I download the various elements required for TrustBuilder White-label integrations (sample codes, libraries, web components, etc.) ?

The ways to get the various elements differ according to the component to be integrated. Please refer to the component’s technical documentation for details.