websights Securing Microsoft Azure AD with strong authentication MFA inWebo

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How to secure Microsoft Azure AD with TrustBuilder MFA (previously inWebo)

Discover the benefits of integrating MFA inWebo strong authentication into Microsoft Azure AD to secure access to your cloud applications.

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TrustBuilder, the digital identity and access protection specialist, has announced the integration of its multi-factor authentication solution (MFA) with Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service (Microsoft Azure AD – Active Directory).

Are you using or planning to use Microsoft Azure AD to manage identities and access to your applications and want to enhance security?

Find out why TrustBuilder offers superior security and ease of use compared to other multi-factor strong authentication solutions (MFA).

Unique technology thanks to random dynamic keys, offering the highest security on the market (ANSSI certification)

Smooth user experience that improves productivity and reduces helpdesk calls

Solution MFA that adapts to your technical architecture for a quick and easy integration process

Universal solution to secure access to Office 365 and all Azure AD compatible applications

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