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Combine TrustBuilder MFA and Kemp reverse proxy to secure access to your web applications

TrustBuilder and Kemp join forces to offer you an exclusive webinar. Kemp is known for delivering an optimal application experience to businesses worldwide, with simplified deployments, flexible licensing, and global technical support.

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Secure your web applications and simplify the user experience without altering your architecture

Some applications lack sufficient security measures to withstand current threats. They remain vulnerable and become easy targets for attacks: Outlook Web Application, business web applications, internal web developments. The combination of TrustBuilder’s certified ANSSI strong authentication and Kemp’s reverse proxies allows you to enhance security without the need to overhaul your architecture or web applications.

During this webinar, TrustBuilder and Kemp experts will demonstrate how to secure access to Exchange Outlook Web Application and other web applications while simplifying the user experience.

Bruno Prigent

Bruno Prigent

Cybersecurity Sales Engineer

Yann Bouillon-Kemp

Yann Bouillon

Technical Manager


Kemp provides businesses and service providers with the optimal Application Experience (AX) they need. Kemp has redefined the market for application reverse proxies and load balancing by offering simplified deployments, flexible licensing, and global technical support. As a market leader, Kemp boasts over 120,000 deployments in more than 130 countries.