websights CIAM Orchestration: How to streamline the MFA user experience.

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CIAM Orchestration: How to streamline the MFA user experience.

With the combination of TrustBuilder CIAM orchestration and inWebo MFA strong authentication, you can enhance access security to your applications while improving the user experience. Sign up for our upcoming webinar for a live presentation and demonstration!

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CIAM Workflow

Combine UX and security by integrating the TrustBuilder CIAM orchestrator with inWebo technology.

With the constant increase in the number of attacks targeting mobile and web applications, along with increasingly stringent regulations, it becomes inevitable to enhance security to protect user accounts. At the same time, users expect more simplicity and ease in their login journey to access various applications.

Combining inWebo MFA strong authentication with TrustBuilder’s CIAM orchestration solution ensures a high level of security and user experience. This improvement can enhance conversion rates and customer loyalty for B2C use cases, as well as productivity and employee experience for B2B use cases.

Kurt Berghs

Product Manager

Bruno Prigent

Bruno Prigent

Cybersecurity Engineer
inWebo (now TrustBuilder)

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