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Empowering rich customer journeys with TruliUs


How well do you know your business partners?

When a business works with other businesses, trust is the currency. The more you know about your business partner, the deeper and richer the relationship becomes. When a business user is granted access to an application or a platform, it is important for that application/platform to know what mandates have been issued to the business user. Asking for verification and authentication at every interaction with the business user ruins the experience for the businessperson. That’s why TrustBuilder and Isabel Group have joined forces around TruliUs.  ​​​​​​​

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TrustBuilder and TruliUs are the ideal tandem to help organizations work together on a trusted basis:

  • TrustBuilder’s IAM solution contains all fundamentals for combining user experience and security by linking the identity data with the right persona and access policies for the digital ecosystem throughout the customer journey.
  • TruliUs is an easy and secure way of certifying a company identity and its representatives between business partners, enabling faster digital onboarding and more efficient B2B workflows.

The collaboration between TrustBuilder and TruliUs guarantees organizations that the integration comes pre-tested and flawlessly realizes KYC for businesses.

By attending this webinar, you will learn how you can also build trust between you and your business partners.