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Flemish grant for TrustBuilder

VLAIO is awarding a project grant to Identity & Access Management (IAM) specialist TrustBuilder. TrustBuilder belongs to a consortium that also includes Randstad, Docbyte, Enhansa, karamel and Vlaamse Datanutsbedrijf. The joint project focuses on secure and selective sharing of personal data in a human resources context. This is not the first time TrustBuilder’s innovation has been recognized by VLAIO, previously it received funding for research into developing secure digital ecosystems.

“Trust that our personal data is being handled carefully has taken a serious hit recently,” says TrustBuilder CEO Frank Hamerlinck. “Fortunately, there are technological means to store and exchange data securely. That is especially important when it comes to personal data, for example about age, skills, diplomas obtained … That’s what this project revolves around.”

The goal of the research project in which TrustBuilder is participating is the secure and selective sharing of personal data in HR, for example, personal data and diplomas. This should be done from a personal data repository. This part of the project is based on data vaults and the Solid technology of internet pioneer Sir Tim Berners-Lee. The focus is specifically on sharing strictly necessary data for a service. For example, it is not always necessary to share the entire birth date if one wants to know someone’s age, or determine whether or not someone is of age. “Such data minimization provides only that information that is strictly necessary,” said Hamerlinck. “This is also where the concept of zero knowledge proof is applied: data from the data vault is read in, interpreted and translated into a less privacy-sensitive concept and then forgotten.”

An entire ecosystem of applications is being built around Solid data vault technology. To provide access to that ecosystem, TrustBuilder will extend its Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution with a Solid-compliant component that allows users to log in with a decentralized identity.

TrustBuilder sees in the award of the VLAIO grant not only a recognition of the importance of data privacy, but also a confirmation that a company like TrustBuilder plays a crucial role in it all. “As a European IAM software provider, we support all types of Identity Providers that allow people to securely access applications. The expansion into Solid fits perfectly with our strategy to support all European identification and authorization methods.” Last year, TrustBuilder also received a VLAIO grant to further develop its strategy around digital ecosystems, a project that is still in full swing.

“With this project, TrustBuilder will achieve a significant increase in competitiveness, said Mark Andries, Administrator General VLAIO. “In addition, it is also interesting to see the Solid ecosystem in Flanders gaining traction through the participation of companies such as TrustBuilder in projects like this.”