MFA tutorials Multi-factor Authenticator can be easily and quickly integrated into all your internal/external applications, VPN, PAM, IAM and SSO solutions. Check out our tutorials.

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Google Workspace

How to set up inWebo MFA to protect Google Workspace in less than 5 minutes

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How to configure inWebo MFA to protect AZURE AD in less than 5min

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How to configure inWebo MFA to protect your ADFS environment in less than 10 minutes is compatible with more than 100 applications, VPN solutions, PAM, SSO

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Highest level of security on the market Multi-factor Authenticator features the unique and patented technology of dynamic random keys. This ensures the highest level of security on the market. Solution certified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI).

Easy integration and deployment

Accessible in Saas, rich in connectors, API and SDK, a solution that adapts to your technical architecture, without imposing new constraints. Deploy MFA quickly and on a very large scale, without human contact or logistics.

Passwordless and deviceless user experience allows you to offer a simplified user experience, extended to all dimensions of authentication, from enrollment to login thanks to its universal, passwordless and deviceless tokens.

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