A new paradigm for IAM


TrustBuilder is proud to introduce TrustBuilder.io, a new step in making Identity and Access Management (IAM) as convenient as possible to implement. 


Building further on the accomplishments and experience of TrustBuilder Identity Hub, we are launching a new paradigm of connecting consumers with a multitude of applications and identity providers (IdP), leveraging the power of the cloud.

Enabeling digital ecosystems with TrustBuilder.io

TrustBuilder.io is an independent extension to TrustBuilder Identity Hub that consists of a catalog of services that developers can easily add to their existing IAM framework. TrustBuilder.io comes with a vast set of connections to service providers and identity providers and is available on a subscription basis.

TrustBuilder.io offers self-service capabilities to developers. They can pick and choose the service providers and identity providers they want to connect with, and use drag and drop functionality to connect service providers to identity providers and set up authentication policies.

Connection to standardized solutions

TrustBuilder.io is a managed platform that allows your company to quickly connect towards standardized solutions such as:

Identity providers

  • Federated governmental identity providers such as Itsme, be.ID, LuxTrust, IDIN, eHerkenning, France Connect, BankID, SwissID, etc.
  • Social Login: Facebook Connect, Google Sign-in, Apple ID, LinkedIn Login, Microsoft Azure, etc.
  • Enterprise Identities.

Microservices for your customers

  • Mobility Services: NMBS, De Lijn, 4411, Cambio, etc.
  • Document services: Signing applications such as OneSpan Sign, DocuSign, Connective, etc.
  • Document storage services such as Box.com, Evernote, etc.
  • More services to be introduced: feel free to contact us if you have specific services in mind.

SaaS applications for employees

  • Office 365
  • CRM (Salesforce and others),
  • Collaboration tools (Box, Cisco Webex,…)
  • etc.

By offering TrustBuilder.io as a cloud platform, adding services will become even more convenient to the IT department. There will be no need for a full on-premise implementation, and the existing connections to IdPs and services providers are ready for out-of-the-box use.

TrustBuilder.io comes complete with monitoring tools and dashboards that provide you with actionable insights about the use of applications, what identity providers are most popular, etc.

Powering the ecosystems evolution

Digital ecosystems are the future for successful companies. As consumers seek greater convenience, organizations are striving to become one-stop-shops that deliver a full set of services to customers. Airlines offer you hotel stays and car rental when you book a flight, retail banks offer you insurance products, travel tickets, concert tickets and handyman services. At defining moments in people’s lives, financial services companies want to provide an impeccable customer experience, mixing and matching financial and non-financial applications, delivering the highest level of comfort to their customers.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) plays a key role in catering to the need of organizations to build ecosystems and add partners quickly. Our flagship product, TrustBuilder Identity Hub, is already in use at several financial and other services companies. It secures trust in the application landscape of our clients, be it in the cloud or on premise. We allow fine-grained security policies to enable our clients to play it by their own rules. At the same time, we allow consumers to choose their authentication method of choice. For TrustBuilder, customer experience and airtight security go hand in hand.

With TrustBuilder.io, we are taking that vision to the next level, making it even easier to connect with standard applications and identity providers.

Can’t wait to find out more?

To whet your appetite, let’s repeat the highlights of TrustBuilder.io:

  • Cloud-based
  • Subscription model
  • Seamless connectivity to IdPs and service providers
  • Short time to market
  • Perfect marriage of customer experience and tight security
  • Indispensable component in building and growing tech-ecosystems

Check out our website to get acquainted with TrustBuilder Identity Hub, be inspired by our blogs and white papers and read about how customers are already benefiting from TrustBuilder.

Feel free to contact us if you want to be among the first to witness the launch of TrustBuilder.io.