People-working-together-on-computer-2 People-working-together-on-computer-2 – Modular Authentication & Access Platform helps businesses grow confidently. With a comprehensive approach spanning from authentication to access management, our platform guarantees that your organization’s security and accessibility needs are met with ease.

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Access Management Made Simple optimizes access management, offering enhanced security measures, heightened operational efficiency and efficient compliance processes, ensuring organizations can confidently navigate their digital landscape.


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Customer IAM (CIAM)

Facilitate customer access to your applications with secure registration, authentication, and profile management tailored for user convenience.

Passwordless MFA

Enhance user experience and security by enabling passwordless multi-factor authentication methods such as biometrics, QR Code or PIN code.


Simplify user experience by allowing users to access multiple applications with a single set of credentials, enhancing productivity and security.

User Onboarding

Simplify the registration process with deliver a user-friendly onboarding for your users, while ensuring privacy and consent management.


Our SaaS Platform

Intuitive Administration simplifies identity management with its flexible administration interface, effectively reducing operational overhead.

Industry Standards Connectors

Provide seamless integration with various industry-standard systems and protocols to meet diverse authentication and authorization needs.

Next-Gen Technology simplifies administration and enhances digital journeys with innovative features like Deviceless Authentication and a unique Persona model for Access Management.

European SaaS solution offers a SaaS platform that prioritizes data sovereignty and compliance with rigorous European regulations.
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500+ Worldwide Customers

TrustBuilder supports over 500 worldwide businesses in their digital transformation, with 200+ Large Enterprise accounts.


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Explore Developer Resources

Find help administering, integrating and using, whether for TB Access Manager or TB Authentication Manager. Our documentation portal provides administrators and developers with detailed documentation.


European SaaS Platform

We specialize in the European market, offering seamless connectivity to all European Identity Providers and applications. prioritizes data protection and compliance with European regulations, ensuring the security of your sensitive data.

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What is’s approach to data privacy? prioritizes data privacy, adhering to stringent European regulations and implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive information.

Can integrate with our existing systems?

Absolutely. excels in hybrid environments, integrating with both cloud-based and legacy systems, ensuring compatibility and smooth operations across your entire infrastructure.

How does ensure compliance with European regulations? is designed with a focus on data sovereignty and adherence to European regulations, providing organizations with the tools and features needed to maintain compliance.

Can scale to accommodate our business growth?

Yes, is built to scale, allowing organizations to easily expand and adapt their access management capabilities to meet the evolving needs of their business.

Can we subscribe to only one of the solutions, either TB Authentication Manager or TB Access Manager?

Yes, organizations have the flexibility to subscribe to either TB Authentication Manager or TB Access Manager separately, depending on their specific access management needs.