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TrustBuilder.io Identity Manager

Secure onboarding of new customers is complex, verifying who they are even more so, especially in a European context. Do you have sufficient knowledge on the customer for regulatory compliance (KYC, AML…)? Is the identity – including the details provided by the customer during onboarding – verified through their electronic ID or another certified identity provider, federated accounts, or document verification? TrustBuilder’s Identity Management module will solve these challenges for you, resulting in ultimate data security and lower costs. On top of that, we allow users to log in with one single profile but take on different personas. These personas reflect the different capacities that a person plays or mandates they have, thus offering a very user-friendly solution. Our strong policy-based engine uses the information on the user to allow or decline access to resources.

Universal Directory

All user information – in one place

Working with multiple different repositories only complicates an identity-centric way of working. By using the TrustBuilder platform, you get a single source repository that contains all the up-to-date information you want to store about your users. You can connect the TrustBuilder user profiles to multiple data sources, for instance Active Directory or LDAP, and then connect that to a single identity, or you can allow a customer to onboard directly to the platform. Get a complete overview of the user’s details such as the Identity Providers they use and the relevant attributes to allow contextual authentication and fine-grained authorization. Add all the personas an individual can represent to the Universal Directory to allow multi-persona authentication.

Central repository with links to the different user databases

Easily connect to any existing directory

Collect and store all attributes that are important to your identity management

Match attributes across different databases

Securely connect local user databases with the Universal Directory through TrustBuilder Connect

Adapt the directory to your specific needs

Certified Identity

Building trust thanks to authoritative sources

Verify that users are who they claim to be, by using trusted sources such as government-supported Identity Providers (IdPs). TrustBuilder is born and raised in Europe and supports IdPs from all countries, to provide identity information that is certified by the issuing country. We seamlessly connect with itsme and eID in Belgium and DigiD and eHerkenning in the Netherlands through to Spid in Italy or BankID and MitID in the Nordics. Your customers will get the same user experience throughout Europe, allowing you to expand geographically. To comply with KYC and AML we offer additional checks to different lists such as Sanction list, Politically exposed persons, or watchlist that check if a user is mentioned in some dubious affairs. For countries lacking this type of IdP, we offer onboarding through document verification (passport, ID-card…).

Allow users easy onboarding thanks to government identities

Allow users to authenticate with government identities

Technical support throughout the customer journey

Allow users to use printed government IDs to verify their identity

Build in compliance to Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering * Federated ID licenses required

Social Identity

Seamless onboarding thanks to social identities

Allow your users to identify themselves using their Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or Apple credentials. Offer them seamless onboarding to lower the threshold of becoming your customer. Using the TrustBuilder Service Catalog, you can easily connect to a host of social identities. Enable progressive profiling with Verified Identity when prospects are ready to become customers. Require step-up authentication when users want to access applications or perform transactions that need strong authentication. As a cloud service, the Service Catalog is constantly updated, taking away the stress of keeping all connections up to date.

Allow users to easily onboard with existing social identities

Allow users to authenticate using their existing social identities

Use social identity management for all types of applications

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Apple ID
  • LinkedIn
  • Etc.

Technical support throughout the customer journey

Persona management

One profile for every user, multiple personas

Combine different personas into a single user profile and allow users to always authenticate with the same credentials. Avoid the management nightmare of role explosion when users get different identities for each of their mandates or capacities inside an organization. TrustBuilder’s policy-based access control based on personas makes onboarding and offboarding easier and creates better user experience.

Easily connect to external identity providers

Allow easy integration with contractors, business partners

Allow federated identification for enhanced customer experience

Enhance security by always getting the latest updates on identities in real time

Use attributes for fine-grained authentication

Allow users to easily switch from one persona to another, using the same credentials and without having to authenticate again

Support users throughout their customer journey with you

Grant or deny access depending on the user state (join, move, leave)

Allow delegation of access rights

Apply zero trust by checking all attributes before a user gets access to an application

Work with attributes, policies and personas to achieve enhanced RBAC