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TrustBuilder.io Suite

TrustBuilder.io Suite offers an end-to-end solution for organizations that are working on a customer-centric digital transformation and that want to offer a great customer experience across their different digital channels.  


An end-to-end solution

TrustBuilder.io Suite currently consists of three products: TrustBuilder.io, TrustBuilder ID Hub and TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator. TrustBuilder.io Suite comes with a wide range of capabilities such as Single Sign-on, Multi-factor authentication, Federated Identity Management, API Security, adaptive authentication and many more.   

TrustBuilder Access Manager

Offer your customers and employees a unique user experience while maintaining airtight security. Allow access only to users that you have sufficient information on. Ensure you know who they are and what access levels they have. Combine different sources of information to feed your policies. Easily connect to applications and user databases. Hide the complexity for the user by adding intelligence to your system so that only minimal information is required from the users themselves.

TrustBuilder.io Multi-factor Authenticator

Ask extra proof from users to be sure they really are who they claim to be. Passwords are no longer enough to secure access to applications and resources. As a security mechanism, Multi-factor Authentication requires two or more validation factors to prove a user’s identity. TrustBuilder.io Multifactor Authentication comes in different flavors. Yet they all have two things in common: a great customer experience and airtight security.

TrustBuilder.io Identity Management

Secure onboarding of new customers is complex, verifying who they are even more so, especially in a European context. TrustBuilder’s Identity Management module solves all identity management challenges, resulting in ultimate data security and lower costs. We allow users to log in with one single profile but take on different personas. These personas reflect the different capacities that a person plays or mandates they have, thus offering a very user-friendly solution.

TrustBuilder.io Self-Service

Allow end-users self-management for the authentication mechanisms and applications that you provide. Empowering users is both user-friendly and cost-efficient. Let users change their profile data and give and revoke consent. Empower your users to manage their own profile and save your administrators valuable time. Use either the standard TrustBuilder.io Self-Service Portal, or fully integrate our web components into your own ‛look and feel’ for ultimate customer experience.

TrustBuilder.io API

Mitigate the vulnerabilities and security threats of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Protect the applications and third-party services in your ecosystem by applying API security. Attacks on APIs are on the rise, and are sometimes the weak link in an applications landscape. Broken, exposed, or hacked APIs are behind major data breaches. Use TrustBuilder.io API Security to protect APIs both on the edge of your architecture and between applications.

TrustBuilder.io Insights

Learn all there is to know about how your preferred Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution is currently used. Dive deep into these insights and advanced reporting capabilities. Once you know how your users are actually using your services, you can further improve your platform and deliver personalized services. Discover anomalies to improve your security stance and further enhance your security by applying lessons learned.

TrustBuilder.io Notification Service

Enhance security by adding a second factor such as an OTP sent through SMS, an automated voice message, an e-mail, a push notification to a mobile device, or a WhatsApp message. TrustBuilder.io Notification Service is a free addition to TrustBuilder Multifactor Authenticator or TrustBuilder.io Orchestrator, and is offered as a cloud service. Using SMS (text) services will incur charges from your telecom operator. Verify the pricing in each separate country.

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Why use TrustBuilder.io Suite

Are you interested in attracting more customers, giving them a great customer experience, and expanding the number of partners you connect with? Then TrustBuilder.io Suite is your safest choice.

Attract more customers

TrustBuilder gives you the power to attract more customers to your ecosystems thanks to easy and customer-friendly onboarding and Single Sign-on (SSO). We offer a multitude of safe and convenient possibilities: 2FA, push or QR, biometric authentication. TrustBuilder.io integrates with federated Identity providers, all over Europe, adding even more ease of use for your potential customers.

Secure access management

As you work together with ever more business partners, ‘trust’ is your middle name. TrustBuilder.io Suite provides agile, fine-grained and secure access management of your customers to all your platforms. TrustBuilder supports SSO, Multi-Factor authentication, passwordless authentication, federated authentication and adaptive authentication to both cloud and hybrid applications.

Enrich your offering towards your customers

TrustBuilder.io Suite offers a catalog of services, connecting to a host of service providers, Identity Providers and security services. By adding these services through TrustBuilder.io, you can expand your business ecosystem without needing to build interfaces to each of these separate applications. TrustBuilder.io takes care of that. This enriches your services offering and will attract more customers to your platforms.