Press Release

TrustBuilder Integrates with Entra ID EAM To Bring Its Unique MFA Features to the Microsoft Ecosystem

June 10, 2024


[Paris – June 10th, 2024] Since 2012, TrustBuilder, previously known as inWebo, has been integrated into Microsoft’s key products, enhancing cybersecurity measures for organizations globally. This partnership has adapted to the evolving digital security landscape and the increasing sophistication of cyber threats. Today, we announce the integration of TrustBuilder into Microsoft Entra ID EAM (External Authentication Method), marking a new phase in our collaboration. Microsoft is currently placing the program in Public Preview status.

A Journey of Integration and Innovation

Our collaboration with Microsoft began with integrating our solutions into Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). These integrations enabled organizations to use TrustBuilder’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) within their existing Microsoft infrastructure, improving both security and user experience.

Elevating Security with Microsoft Entra ID EAM

The transition to Microsoft Entra ID EAM is a significant milestone. Microsoft Entra ID is a comprehensive identity and access management solution that helps organizations manage and secure access to applications and resources. TrustBuilder’s integration demonstrates our commitment to providing advanced security solutions that meet the needs of businesses.

Unique MFA Features for the Microsoft Ecosystem

TrustBuilder brings several unique MFA features to the Microsoft ecosystem, including:

  • Certified and Patented High Security Authentication Technology: Our technology is patented and certified by the French Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), ensuring high security against cyber threats.
  • Smartphoneless Strong Authentication: We offer desktop and browser tokens for strong authentication without the need for a smartphone, catering to diverse user needs.
  • Universal Integrations: Our solutions are compatible with a wide range of applications and systems, allowing organizations to implement MFA features across their entire IT ecosystem, including systems not connected to Entra ID EAM like VPNs.
  • SaaS Deployment: Our solutions are available in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, providing scalability, ease of implementation, and reduced operational overhead.

Looking Ahead in Our Collaboration with Microsoft

We are proud to contribute our MFA features to the Microsoft ecosystem, reinforcing our commitment to providing secure, flexible, and user-friendly authentication solutions. With this integration, we aim to set new standards in digital security, empowering organizations to protect their assets and users in an increasingly complex cyber environment. We will continue to work closely with Microsoft’s teams to ensure that our state-of-the-art authentication solution is available as easily as possible to Entra ID’s customers.

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