websights New Branding for TrustBuilder

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A strong and vibrant branding for TrustBuilder


Blue for trust. Magenta for energy. The new branding of the unified TrustBuilder is a clear manifestation of what the organization stands for. The new logo, color scheme and revamped website signal the ambition of TrustBuilder as a leading European player in the cybersecurity market.

TrustBuilder brings together the strength of inWebo’s secure and convenient Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution and the comprehensive Identity & Access Management of TrustBuilder. 

Blue has been associated with trust and security for centuries. Blue also stands for business success. But TrustBuilder consistently delivers more than what people expect. To symbolize the energy and drive that we are bringing to the cybersecurity space, we added magenta as a secondary color. Magenta stands for boldness and energy says TrustBuilder CMO Jean-Dominique Quien.

says TrustBuilder CMO Jean-Dominique Quien.

The energetic nature of the company is also represented by the new, playful logo. Together, the color scheme and the originality of the logo perfectly capture who we are and what we do.

Our revamped website is even easier to navigate and has a clear focus on the business outcomes that IAM delivers. IAM has ceased to be a technical feature in an IT architecture. It has become a business enabler allowing companies in all industries to offer their clients a great customer experience, in combination with a secure and privacy-oriented digital journey. The website is chockablock with both educational, though leading, and entertaining content. It’s definitely the best place to learn about cybersecurity.

Watch this space as we further develop the site and add content in all major European languages. We have a European focus, so we strive to serve everyone in their own language.