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What is Zero Trust?

You know that technology has become really important when governments start talking about it, or even imposing it. The fact that the Biden administration published an executive order about national cybersecurity, mandating government organizations to apply Zero Trust Architecture shows the importance of the concept. Not only for government institutions, but for enterprises too. A...

Identity Provider: what is it and why do you need it?

In the digital age, security and accessibility go hand in hand. An Identity Provider (IdP) is a pivotal component in this equation, ensuring that users can verify their identities confidently, either directly or through third-party platforms. Think of an IdP as the keymaster of the digital realm—validating users through credentials and mediating secure access to...

The rise of Self-sovereign identity

Explore the transformative potential of Self-sovereign identity (SSI) in digital realms: a pivotal move towards privacy, autonomy, and enhanced security in identity management. Dive into its implementation, use cases, and immense benefits.

ANSSI Certification article
TrustBuilder (formerly inWebo) renews ANSSI certification for its multifactor authentication technology

TrustBuilder, formerly known as inWebo Technologies, is proud to announce that it has obtained the re-certification of its MFA solution by ANSSI, the French national information systems security agency. This CSPN (Certification de Sécurité de Premier Niveau) certification, first obtained in 2012, is now also recognized by the German agency BSI, enabling TrustBuilder to benefit...

QR Code article
Enhancing Security with TrustBuilder's Passwordless MFA Solution: Introducing QR Code Authentication

In the rapidly changing landscape of cybersecurity, organizations are continuously searching for ways to enhance their authentication processes and safeguard sensitive data. With a deep understanding of the need for stronger security measures, TrustBuilder is excited to unveil a substantial update to its Passwordless Multifactor Authentication (MFA) solution. This update introduces a cutting-edge authentication method,...

CIAM: Manage the Access and the Identity of your Customers

If done well, consumers will not realize they are using Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) several times a day. From making payments on their smartphone and using their social media credentials to log into a news site through to accessing services (utility bills, social media, bank accounts…): CIAM is a mechanism that is working...