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Cybersecurity Key Takeaways from Major Events

Explore the top cybersecurity takeaways from major European events in March, including strategies for combatting account takeover, modernizing CIAM, digital identity verification, and deploying user-friendly Zero Trust policies.

Forum InCyber delves into AI in cybersecurity: Interview with Xavier Lefaucheux

In a recent interview with Global Security Mag, TrustBuilder Chief Revenue Officer Xavier Lefaucheux provided valuable insights in anticipation of TrustBuilder's participation at the Forum InCyber. Let's take a look at some of the key points discussed.

Federated Identities by TrustBuilder: A New Horizon in Access Management

Why federated identities matter more than ever: Explore the strategic advantages of decentralized identity management in modern IT landscapes.

The Best-of our AI Cybersecurity Predictions tool

Embark on a whimsical cyber journey with our AI Cyber Wizard! Unveil the laughter-inducing requests and unexpected twists in astral cybersecurity. Dive in for a delightful tech adventure!

Developer's Ally: TrustBuilder's Authenticator SDK

In need of a hassle-free authentication solution for your digital services? Explore how TrustBuilder's Authenticator SDK streamlines security and customization in this blog. Ideal for industries like finance, healthcare, and retail, it's the key to enhancing your app's user experience and security.

Harnessing the power of Policy-based access control: advantages and opportunities

Identity and Access Management is an information security framework that has been around for longer than most of us. As digitization evolved, the need to protect resources and identities increased and IAM became more complex. Fortunately, new methods and methodologies are also making life easier for users and administrators. Policy-based access control (PBAC) is a...