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TrustBuilder’s strong authentication solution protects Azure AD accesses

TrustBuilder, the specialist in digital identity and access protection, announces the integration of its multifactor authentication solution (MFA) with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Very high security from any device

Token mobile, desktop, browser (Deviceless MFA)

Browser as a trusted device

Deviceless & Smartphoneless MFA - exclusive to TrustBuilder

Frictionless login experience

Seamless user experience

TrustBuilder's MFA solution: a very high level of security for Microsoft’s cloud ecosystem

As a new feature, Azure AD users can now benefit from TrustBuilder’s Multi-Factor Strong Authentication (MFA) solution, a key element in the implementation of a “Zero Trust” security model based on the principle of “verify and never trust”.

TrustBuilder brings to access control in Microsoft’s cloud environment a level of security higher than the one provided by any other software token solution, without the constraints of a physical, hardware token (physical key management, logistics, costs of implementation).

Azure AD integration is now essential for companies that rely on Office 365 and Microsoft cloud identity management. TrustBuilder offers a flexible MFA solution to secure all applications within the Microsoft cloud, with the benefit that it can also be implemented in any other application that is open to internal users (employees) or external users (partners and customers).

SaaS based, offering a wide range of connectors, APIs and SDKs, TrustBuilder provides all the necessary integrations to fit all the company’s technical tools and provide a unified user experience tailored to the company’s different services.

TrustBuilder makes it possible to use as a trusted tool (token) either the smartphone (iOS or Android), the desktop, or even the browser with maximum flexibility to adapt easily to the various situations encountered by end users. In addition, no hardware requirements are needed, ensuring frictionless deployment across all users, whether they are employees, partners, or service providers.

For companies, this means a very high level of security, certified by the ANSSI (The French National Cybersecurity Agency), regardless of the trusted device used, with transparent costs and SLAs.

Azure AD: Microsoft Cloud-based IAM solution

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution. It provides users with single sign-on for all local and cloud-based Web applications such as Salesforce.com, Box, Office 365, Google Apps, Jive, etc.

The objective of Azure AD is to create a single repository to manage the access and rights of collaborators in the information system to determine who uses what and who has the right to access a particular application.

Key features

  • Entrust the security of your accesses to a pure player
  • Ensure secure access to Azure AD with MFA multi-factor strong authentication
  • Choose an MFA solution that fits all your applications (cloud, VPN…), not only Azure AD
  • Switch to a solution that fits your current technical environment and adapts to its evolution
  • Don’t be dependent of migration to Windows 10
  • Benefit from a seamless experience that supports all of your users’ devices (iOS or Android mobile, desktop, browser)
  • Ensure a high level of security even without a smartphone or hardware token
  • Identify and control your costs
  • Take advantage of transparent SLAs that are aligned with business challenges

Visit our technical documentation for more information on installing and configuring TrustBuilder with Azure AD.

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