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TrustBuilder Authenticator: Passwordless MFA Done Right

TrustBuilder Authenticator empowers users with robust, patented, and certified multi-factor authentication methods, providing a smooth and secure experience across various platforms.


The Perfect User Login Experience

Patented Robust Security

TrustBuilder Authenticator offers patented and certified multi-factor authentication methods, ensuring a high level of security to protect sensitive data and digital assets.

Fluid User Experience

Deliver a frictionless and intuitive authentication experience with passwordless and deviceless methods, eliminating the need for complex passwords or specific devices, ensuring convenience and accessibility for all users.

Universal Integrations

Deploy MFA projects immediately and effortlessly without altering existing architecture, thanks to TrustBuilder’s SaaS accessibility, rich connectors, APIs, and SDK.

Reduce Support & Admin Costs

TrustBuilder Authenticator reduces administrative burdens by offering intuitive management tools and decreasing helpdesk calls, ensuring efficient and hassle-free administration of authentication processes.

Maximum SLA

TrustBuilder guarantees a 99.99% uptime in its Service Level Agreement (SLA), ensuring reliable service availability and peace of mind for organizations relying on its authentication solutions.

Costs Savings

Enjoy predictable costs and complete peace of mind with a subscription model based on the number of users, ensuring transparent and affordable pricing for your organization’s authentication needs.

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TrustBuilder Authenticator powered by

Discover TrustBuilder Authenticator, as part of TB Authentication Manager in platform, a unique product that changes the game in your Authentication Strategy.



TrustBuilder Authenticator

Passwordless Authentication

Allow users to authenticate without relying on traditional passwords. Users can securely access their accounts using various methods such as PIN codes, QR codes, biometrics.

Deviceless Authentication

Utilize browser tokens such as Virtual Authenticator and Helium to authenticate users directly from their web browsers, ensuring secure access without device dependencies.

Universal MFA App for hybrid environments

Enable unified authentication across cloud and legacy systems, enhancing security measures and facilitating seamless multifactor authentication (MFA) across diverse platforms.


Enable users to recover their accounts, change their PIN codes, and perform other account management tasks within the app, empowering them with control and convenience.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What platforms does TrustBuilder Authenticator support?

TrustBuilder Authenticator, as part of TB Authentication Manager in, is available on both mobile and desktop platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

Can I start a free trial to test TrustBuilder Authenticator?

Yes, TrustBuilder offers a free trial of its SaaS solution, allowing organizations to experience the features and capabilities of TrustBuilder Authenticator before making a commitment.

What is the subscription model for TrustBuilder Authenticator?

TrustBuilder Authenticator operates on a flexible subscription model based on the number of users. This allows organizations to scale their authentication needs according to their requirements, ensuring cost-effectiveness and scalability.

What support services are available for TrustBuilder Authenticator implementation? (TrustBuilder Authenticator)

TrustBuilder provides comprehensive support services, including consulting, training, documentation, and technical assistance, to help businesses plan, deploy, and optimize their TrustBuilder Authenticator implementations effectively.

All our users do not have a mobile phone, can they use TrustBuilder MFA ?

Authentication Manager offers a deviceless technology that relies on browser tokens, allowing users without smartphones to access your tools and services.