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TrustBuilder Accelerate: the partner program to get on board the MFA strong authentication boom

At TrustBuilder, partners are an integral part of our development strategy. They provide expertise and support to help companies accelerate the implementation of their strong authentication project. Our partners invest in us, and we give them back through inWebo Accelerate, our new partner program.

TrustBuilder Accelerate program

MFA strong authentication, a key and booming area of cybersecurity

When TrustBuilder launched its first cloud-based multifactor MFA solution more than 10 years ago, we were aware that controlling user access in a simple and secure way would be one of the most important issues for companies. Nowadays, given the realities of the digital environment, MFA has never been more in the spotlight. In fact, it has become one of the cornerstones of modern cybersecurity.

These are new opportunities for our partners, but they are also and above all new challenges for our customers: how to go faster on projects, how to get the right advice and the best service, how to develop a trust relationship in an anxious context.

All this becomes much easier if you know that you can rely on the expertise of partners who have mastered the specific use cases and who work hand in hand with the publisher.

What's new in TrustBuilder Accelerate partner program

One of our most important aims with this new program is to facilitate the exchange between TrustBuilder and our partners. We have designed a program that provides them with new resources and new tools to increase their skills and their commercial activity around TrustBuilder solutions.

At the office, at home, via your smartphone, from your browser: Just do whatever you want but implement MFA!

After talking to our partners and customers, we have understood that the success of an MFA project is based on three pillars: speed, security and simplicity. By providing flexible, highly secure, easy-to-use and proven solutions, we enable our partners to succeed in their projects and gain credibility and confidence with their customers.

With TrustBuilder Accelerate, we now offer both technical and business tools to empower our partners to benefit from the growing MFA market and address new opportunities. In addition, we have revised our partner compensation models to maximize their revenue from reselling our solutions.

In terms of knowledge about our solutions, partners will now find new resources on the inWebo partner portal. We strive to make it easier to sell our solutions by sharing best practices, reference implementations and feedback. We also offer new resources for sales and pre-sales, including free licenses to run labs and access to an extensive document base.

New technical certifications

TrustBuilder customers appreciate and look for a high level of expertise on our solutions. At the end of last year, we launched our new technical certification and we are working on a course that will allow partners to go as far as possible in mastering our solutions. More than 25 partners have already certified employees on our solutions and we encourage all our new partners to get certified as soon as possible.

Revamped Partner Portal: Find what you need faster

We continue to enhance the new partner portal launched late last year to make it easier to access program resources and tailor it to specific partner needs. The portal now allows you to register opportunities, access the knowledge base, and track some key metrics about the relationship between TrustBuilder and the partner.

TrustBuilder Accelerate: the choice for TrustBuilder has never been more obvious

MFA is an incredibly fast-moving market. Our partners have many options when it comes to choosing which solution providers to work with. By choosing TrustBuilder Accelerate, we give them every reason to partner with us:

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