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TrustBuilder MFA Essentials

Discover how to deploy the TrustBuilder MFA solution within your company

In this training, we will introduce you to our different connectors, based on standard or solution-specific authentication protocols, and their integration into your IT to protect your applications.

You will also learn how to use and administer the basic features of TrustBuilder MFA.

The training also covers the deployment of TrustBuilder MFA within a company, its activation by end users as well as the enrolment of their tools to connect to the applications on a daily basis.

Objectives of the training

At the end of this training, you will be able to :

  • Deploy the appropriate connector for your application

  • Using the TrustBuilder MFA console

  • Create a TrustBuilder MFA user manually or automatically and launch activation campaigns

  • Synchronize TrustBuilder MFA users with the LDAP/AD server

  • Configure TrustBuilder MFA services to provide an accurate user experience

Training registration request

Registration request subject to availability and acceptance by TrustBuilder. Training fee: 1500€
Please enter a corporate email: no gmail, yahoo, msn or other personal email domains