The value of Dynamic Identity Assurance

Web based applications and mobile devices are becoming more popular as delivery channels for products or services of many businesses. The use of strong authentication is deemed absolutely necessary to raise the identity assurance level in performing high-value operations or transactions. However, there are several challenges that one needs to overcome in order to effectively adopt strong authentication as a strategic, enterprise-wide security solution.  

With ever changing security challenges, organizations should adopt a future-proof solution that allows enabled applications to switch from one authentication method to another without major changes to the applications, in a quick and cost-effective way!

Challenge or Opportunity ?

Identity Assurance is the level of trust a service provider has over the claimed identity of a user accessing its services. Not only is achieving 100% technically impossible, in many cases the cost associated in trying to get the highest score cannot be justified. Therefore, we need a way to dynamically apply Identity Assurance, and to make sure the trust level required for a particular service comes at an affordable cost.

Most Identity and Access Management solutions these days provide configurable Identity Assurance mechanisms. They also allow you to assign trust levels to protected resources. There are limitations as well as trust levels are calculated on pre-defined parameters (e.g. geo-location, device fingerprint) and can only be enforced by on-board authentication mechanisms.

The opportunity is that TrustBuilder Identity Hub takes a completely different approach.

TrustBuilder Identity Hub recognizes that Identity Assurance policies cannot be shared across all business and hence it provides a powerful identity assurance policy engine that allows tailoring these policies to your company’s needs.

Furthermore, it provides a pluggable interface for dealing with 3rd party authentication technologies. These technologies can also be integrated in the identity assurances policies using the same engine.

TrustBuilder Identity Hub provides an unmatched service for dealing with Identity Assurance:

  • Easy on-boarding of 3rd party authentication technologies
  • Straightforward integration of these technologies in the identity assurance policies
  • Graphical interface for defining and simulating identity assurance policies

Business Benefits

  • Low TCO: highly configurable identity assurance policy allows dealing with ever changing requirements
  • Flexible: easy on-boarding of 3rd party authentication technology


TrustBuilder is the Number One product offering pervasive local and Cloud Access Management


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