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TB Workflow: Customizing Access Orchestration

TB Workflow enhances access management by orchestrating interactions between various systems thanks to an intuitive Workflow Editor.

Access management software

What is TB Workflow

Understanding TB Workflow

TB Workflow serves as the air traffic control tower to orchestrate complex organization’s authentication and access management processes. With this powerful tool, organizations can design and automate complex authentication and access management procedures, tailored to their specific needs. Its graphical interface allows users to create workflows from scratch, defining the sequence of activities and connections between them.
By visually designing workflows, organizations can implement dynamic authentication and authorization logic, integrating with external systems and adapting to changing business needs.


Access Orchestration Mastery

Efficient Access Orchestration

TB Workflow enables organizations to efficiently orchestrate authentication policies across diverse systems, ensuring seamless access to resources and applications.

Graphical Visualization

TB Workflow’s Editor provides a graphical representation of authentication workflows, allowing administrators to easily define and visualize complex policies.

Flexible Workflow Design

Organizations can customize workflows to meet their specific needs, incorporating various activities, conditions, and scripts to achieve precise access controls.

Enhanced Security

By enforcing fine-grained access controls and authentication policies, TB Workflow enhances security and mitigates the risk of unauthorized access.

Adaptive Access Controls

TB Workflow allows organizations to implement adaptive access controls that dynamically adjust access privileges based on contextual factors such as user behavior, device posture, and location.

Integration Capabilities

TB Workflow integrates with identity providers and service providers, simplifying implementation and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Access management software Access management software


TB Workflow powered by TrustBuilder.io

Discover TB Workflow, as part of TB Access Manager in TrustBuilder.io platform, a unique product that changes the game in Access Management.



Scenarios for TrustBuilder ID

Working in Hybrid Environment

Coordinate your access strategy across cloud and on-premises systems, ensuring consistent access for all your users.

Custom Workflow Design

Craft tailored workflows to meet unique requirements and aligning technical implementations with business processes.

Legacy System Connectivity

Connect legacy systems to modern authentication methods, automating access management while maintaining compatibility.

Business Logic Implementation

Implement complex business rules into access management workflows, integrating marketing and sales processes into technical identity management.

Integration with External Systems

Integrate with external systems to streamline authentication and access management, enhancing interoperability.

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What is TB Workflow and how does it work?

As part of TB Access Manager in TrustBuilder.io, is a powerful orchestration engine designed to streamline and automate authentication and access management processes across various systems and platforms. Our platform includes a hub that is installed in your environment (on-prem or private cloud) and can interact directly with your private applications. It also allows organizations to create customized workflows using a graphical interface, enabling them to define specific authentication policies, user journeys, and access control scenarios tailored to their unique requirements.

Can TB Workflow integrate with other systems and services?

Yes, it integrates with external systems and services, enabling organizations to leverage their existing infrastructure and enhance interoperability. Through APIs and connectors, the solution can communicate with various third-party systems such as identity providers, databases, applications, and cloud services. This integration capability allows organizations to streamline their authentication and access management processes, ensuring smooth data flow and efficient operation across their entire ecosystem.

Can TB Workflow be deployed on-premises?

Yes, TrustBuilder offers flexible deployment options, including on-premises deployment for organizations that prefer to host their access orchestration solution locally. With on-premises deployment, organizations have full control over their infrastructure and data, ensuring compliance with internal security policies and regulations.

Is TB Workflow suitable for organizations of all sizes?

Yes, it is highly scalable and adaptable, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Is TB Workflow compliant with industry regulations?

Yes, TrustBuilder ensures the compliance of all its products with industry regulations and standards. Our commitment to compliance extends across various sectors and regions, ensuring that TB Workflow meets the necessary requirements for data protection, privacy, and security.