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TB Windows Logon: Enhance Windows Security

TB Windows Logon enhances Windows session security by integrating multi-factor authentication (MFA) into the desktop login process, bolstering protection against unauthorized access both online and offline.

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What is TB Windows Logon

Understanding TB Windows logon

TB Windows Logon enhances Windows session security with multi-factor authentication (MFA) using the TrustBuilder Authenticator mobile app. It mitigates risks associated with weak passwords and shared workstations, ensuring robust security for local and remote logins. Supporting various authentication methods, including push notifications and scratch codes, it covers all access scenarios.


Secure Windows sessions online and off-line

Patented MFA Technology

Enhance security with TB Windows Logon, which leverages patented and certified multi-factor authentication (MFA) technology to safeguard Windows sessions effectively, providing a user-friendly authentication experience.

Flexible Authentication

Support various authentication scenarios, including online and offline access, with or without a smartphone, ensuring secure access to Windows workstations in diverse environments.

Enhanced User Experience

Offer a simple authentication experience by integrating with the TB Authenticator mobile app. With options for push notifications, offline scratch codes, and passwordless authentication, users can securely access their Windows sessions with ease, enhancing productivity and user satisfaction.

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TB Windows Logon powered by TrustBuilder.io

Discover TB Windows Logon, as part of TB Authentication Manager in TrustBuilder.io platform, a unique product that changes the game in your Authentication Strategy.



Scenarios for TB Windows Logon

Secure Remote Work Access

Enable secure remote access to Windows workstations with multi-factor authentication (MFA), ensuring authorized logins from off-site locations.

Enhanced Workstation Security

Strengthen workstation security with MFA for local and domain accounts, protecting against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Shared Workstation Protection

Secure shared workstations with MFA for each user login, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Standard authentication

Authenticate securely to Windows account via a push notification on TrustBuilder Authenticator app after entering your Windows credentials.

Offline authentication

Access your Windows session offline with a scratch code from TrustBuilder Authenticator or by requesting one via the Windows login portal.

Authenticate without phone

Authenticate without a smartphone by requesting a scratch code from the administrator/helpdesk via the Windows login portal.

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How does TB Windows Logon improve security?

TB Windows Logon, as part of TB Authentication Manager in TrustBuilder.io, provides an additional layer of security at the session level, mitigating the risks associated with insecure passwords and vulnerable shared workstations.

Can TB Windows Logon be easily managed and deployed?

Yes, TB Windows Logon offers features like automatic activation, easy management from the admin console, and transparent rollout for end-users, simplifying deployment and maintenance.

Is TB Windows Logon compatible with different versions of Windows? (TB Windows Logon)

Yes, TB Windows Logon supports Windows 10 versions 20H2 and later, as well as Windows 11, ensuring compatibility across different Windows operating systems. How to setup MFA on Windows Logon with TrustBuilder.io?

  • Step 1 – Activate the future;
  • Step 2 – Set up the Windows logon connector;
  • Step 3 – Install TrustBuilder.io Windows Logon;
  • Step 4 – Test your setup;
  • Step 5 – Perform mass deployment.