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TB Authentication Manager, a New Standard

Unlock a new standard of authentication excellence with our Adaptive, Passwordless, and Deviceless Authentication solution, powered by patented dynamic random key technology.

Why TB Authentication manager

Choose the MFA Specialist

Simple implementation

Deploy MFA projects without changing your architecture. Accessible in SaaS, rich in connectors,
API and SDK.

Phishing Resistant

Bulletproof your security with a Phishing Resistant MFA solution, safeguarding against fraudulent attacks.

ANSSI Certification

Choose ANSSI-Certified MFA (French Cybersecurity Agency) for guaranteed high level of security.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet GDPR standards effortlessly while ensuring PSD2-compliant transaction signing technology.

European SaaS Solution

Ensure data sovereignty and compliance with stringent European regulations.

Fluid experience

Enable your users to enjoy a simplified & unified login experience, with no equipment constraints.

App TrustBuilder authenticator

Our state of the art MFA tokens

TrustBuilder Authenticator

TrustBuilder Authenticator offers mobile, desktop and web compatibility and can be white-labeled with our SDK kit. It empowers users with patented, certified multi-factor authentication for a user-friendly and secure experience across platforms.

TrustBuilder Authenticator

Integration marketplace

Integration Made Easy

Discover endless possibilities in our integration marketplace, incorporating TrustBuilder’s technology into your applications and services.



They Chose the Authentication Specialist to Strengthen and Simplify Access Security

The TrustBuilder SaaS MFA solution offers great ease of implementation and use. For the Printemps Group, TrustBuilder was the ideal option for strengthening the security of our data and systems.

Alix de Nadaillac

CTO – Production Manager

TrustBuilder knows how to make simple and secure solutions. With TrustBuilder, one feels well supported and assisted.

Julien Martin

Head of Production and Infrastructure

The browser token has the advantage of not requiring any installation and makes it possible to control the level of security provided to an external user independently of the device used.

Virginie Nentoussi

Security Project Manager

We wanted our user journey to be as clear and simple as possible without relying on additional hardware devices.

Gabrielle Foubart

Head of Solution & Connectivity Customers Business Unit

TrustBuilder is THE miracle solution, because it is easy to buy, can be deployed quickly, works perfectly and makes it possible to avoid having to buy more workstations in order to take advantage of users’ equipment..

Jérôme Goutin

Head of Demand Management – Projects – Enablement

A New Level of Security

At TrustBuilder, security is our cornerstone. Our patented random dynamic key technology sets the standard for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) protection. Backed by ANSSI certification, the French Cybersecurity Agency, our solutions offer unmatched security.

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Explore our documentation portal, offering administrators and developers comprehensive and detailed resources.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find your answer to common questions about TrustBuilder.io platform.

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Can TB Authentication Manager be integrated with existing IT systems and applications?

Yes, TB Authentication Manager offers flexible integration capabilities, allowing seamless interoperability with a wide range of identity providers, applications, and systems. It supports industry-standard protocols and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for integration with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), OAuth, and other authentication and authorization mechanisms.

What is the deviceless multi-factor authentication technology?

Deviceless multi-factor authentication (MFA) technology refers to a method of authentication that doesn’t require users to possess specific hardware tokens or devices for verification. In this case, the web browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, etc.) that becomes the trusted “device” (for lack of a better word) to securely authenticate to the application(s).

All our users do not have a mobile phone, can they use TrustBuilder MFA?

TB Authentication Manager offers a Deviceless MFA technology that relies on browser tokens, allowing users without smartphones to access your tools and services.

Does TrustBuilder offer white labeling options for its authentication solutions?

Yes, TrustBuilder provides white labeling options for its authentication solution with it’s SDK, allowing organizations to customize the branding and user interface of the authentication experience to align with their corporate identity and enhance brand recognition.

What is the subscription model for TB Authentication Manager?

TB Authentication Manager operates on a subscription-based pricing model, where the cost is determined based on factors such as the number of users or identities managed, the level of support required, and any additional features or services included in the subscription package. TrustBuilder offers flexible pricing plans with transparent pricing and clear SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to ensure a predictable and reliable service for its customers.