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Taking IAM to the next level in 2021

Many things came to a standstill in 2020. The market for Identity and Access Management on the other hand, was one of the busiest domains in the software industry. As the leading vendor in the EU market, TrustBuilder can look back on a very positive year. We acquired new customers, expanded our reach at existing customers, further developed our product, forged partnerships and received extra financial backing. Building further on that momentum, we also expect a great 2021.

Main drivers of Identity and Access Management

Changing customer expectations have driven companies to focus on maximizing customer experience. Without compromising on security, organizations want to offer clients seamless authentication. Passwordless authentication is considered the holy grail by both the security and the marketing department. At the same time, consumers are very critical when it comes to compliance with GDPR and privacy laws.

Enterprises are accelerating their digital transformation. Reacting to changing market conditions, bringing new services to market faster than the competition and setting up new partnerships needs to happen swiftly. Retail banks, insurance companies and other service providers have started building out ecosystems of services. To present customers with an end-to-end solution, they are complementing their own services by integrating third-party offerings. Growing these ecosystems requires connectivity to Identity Providers and Service Providers. Securing these ecosystems, which are often composed of microservices, requires strong API security.

TrustBuilder as an end-to-end solution

Since our inception in 2017, TrustBuilder has always focused on marrying the best customer experience to world-class security, offering access to a broad range of Identity Providers and Service Providers and supporting all the main authentication methods. On top of that, our built-in connectivity, industry templates and technical experience help bring new solutions to market in record time.

That’s why we see TrustBuilder as an end-to-end solution for organizations that are working on a customer-centric digital transformation and that want to offer a great customer experience across their different digital channels. TrustBuilder takes care of authentication, access management and offers seamless integration possibilities for third-party applications.

Building a strong IAM solution portfolio for 2021

In 2020 we have been quite busy building out our own solution and forging partnerships to deliver these end-to-end solutions, going forward.

  • We concluded an OEM agreement with mobile authentication leader nextAuth, to incorporate their solution on our newest platform, io. TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator beats other authenticators hands down when it comes to security and ease of use.
  • We launched version 10 of our flagship product TrustBuilder ID Hub, further improving microservices security and support for GDPR.
  • We are assisting customers such as SD Worx, Allianz, Fednot and a large European bank in their rollout of an ecosystem strategy.
  • We are adding extra Service Providers to the catalog of services that ecosystems can easily connect with.

Positive vibes for 2021

We have a very positive outlook for 2021. The recent investment of 1.1 million euros from PMV and the keen interest in and TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator will help us expand our customer portfolio and extend our international footprint.

In 2021, we will continue developing our product, forge new partnerships with system integrators and resellers and add Service Providers to the growing marketplace that facilitates.

How mature is your IAM strategy?

From our discussions with C-level executives, we have noticed that companies and industries are at a different maturity level when it comes to implementing Identity and Access Management. This intrigued us and triggered TrustBuilder to set up a joint survey with market research agency Forrester. Over the coming months, hundreds of decision-makers will be polled by Forrester about their attitude towards IAM, and the maturity of their IAM strategy. Do you want to be informed on the results, or do you want to find out how mature your IAM strategy is? Let us know and we will contact you.  And do check out these blog pages regularly, as we will be publishing the results there.


Frank Hamerlinck

Frank Hamerlinck

As co-founder of global trade management leader Porthus, customer experience platform NGDATA, and strategic consulting services company innacco, Frank embodies the entrepreneurial mindset. His 20+ years of ICT experience is complemented by his position as ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’ at iMinds and coach at Netwerk Ondernemen.

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