Tapping into new revenue sources with embedded finance

Service providers that are embedding financial services into their nonfinancial offering are not only delivering more value to their customers, they are also opening up new revenue streams to complement their current revenue model. Both financial services companies and platform companies reselling embedded finance stand to gain.

The insurance industry needs to change to survive

Going digital is a strategic imperative for the insurance industry. According to a recent report by McKinsey, insurance companies will need to make bold moves if they want to survive. Insurers need to offer seamless digital customer journeys, and IAM is a keystone in building the right foundation.

Want to build a digital ecosystem? Start with embedded finance.

If you are not building a digital ecosystem yet to supplement your own services, now is the time to start. Strategy consultants like McKinsey or Accenture are urging companies to become the leader in these ecosystems if they don’t want to be left behind. Don’t know where to start? Embedded finance is a good first building block when forging a more complete portfolio of services.

French inWebo Technologies and Belgian TrustBuilder join inWebo Group to constitute the first 100% SaaS Pan-European buy & build platform in cybersecurity software

TrustBuilder joins inWebo Group, backed by French investment fund Essling Expansion. TrustBuilder will be able to accelerate its international expansion and product development.

Strategic choices for insurance in the digital age

Although the insurance industry has already seen significant changes in the past decade, change will only accelerate in the decades ahead.

How IAM can help insurers realize a user-first omnichannel approach

Insurance companies need to evolve their digital capabilities. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is key in making insurers’ digital channels secure.

How integrated retail banks can focus on new revenue streams

IAM can play a key role in helping banks digitally transform, reduce costs and increase customers’ mobile experience.

Why mobile authentication needs to be seamless and secure

User experience and strong customer authentication can be perfectly combined, for instance in TrustBuilder Mobile Authenticator.

How mature is your Identity and Access Management strategy?

TrustBuilder is partnering with Forrester to find out in what stage of maturity companies' IAM strategy is.

Taking IAM to the next level in 2021

As the leading vendor in the EU IAM market, TrustBuilder can look back on a positive 2020. More than ever, TrustBuilder is becoming an end-to-end solution.

TrustBuilder raises 1.1 million euros in fresh capital

The Belgian scale-up TrustBuilder raises € 1.1 million in funding from do and dare company PMV, to support its product development and growth.

5 simple steps to seamless customer onboarding

Digital customer onboarding, or self-onboarding holds advantages for both customers and for financial institutions. 5 simple steps to get you started.

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