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How personas take Single Sign-on to the next level

Ever more companies are catching on to single sign-on, to increase the productivity of their employees, or to reduce the hurdle for customers when they

InsurTechs drive digital innovation in insurance industry

There is a perfect fit between the insurers that have become orchestrators of services, and TrustBuilder, the orchestrator of access.

How technology solves the challenges of building digital ecosystems

Depending on the digital maturity stage organizations finds themselves in, they face different challenges. This drives their technological decisions.

Strategic choices for insurance in the digital age

Although the insurance industry has already seen significant changes in the past decade, change will only accelerate in the decades ahead.

How Financial Service companies are prioritizing digital development

As the shift to digital services accelerates, digitizing financial products and improving customer experience are every financial firm’s top priority.


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Three reasons why buying an IAM platform is better than building one

There is a limit to the number of large-scale projects banks can undertake. Building their own IAM systems should not be on your list of

TrustBuilder launches TrustBuilder 9.5 with extended functionality for GDPR compliance and microservices

A great new feature in version 9.5 of TrustBuilder Identity Hub is support for end-users to give or revoke their own consent for sharing personal data.

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