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Getting the most out of TrustBuilder

TrustBuilder customers are entitled to the latest software updates, patches and features. Our broad range of support services covers every need: from fast troubleshooting to reliable managed services and technical support for developers. Discover the options that fit your needs.


Discover our FAQ topics and get answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

If you are already a customer and encountering a technical issue, you can reach out to our Customer Engineering Support: +33 1 82 83 17 92.

Customer support

You need technical support and can’t find the answer to your question in the FAQ?

Keep in mind that TrustBuilder cannot provide direct support to the end users of its solution for security and confidentiality reasons. 

Contact the support of the organization that opened your account and gave you your access codes.

We can provide support if you’re a partner or direct customer of TrustBuilder.

Standard software maintenance and support

Need simple technical product support quickly?

Get in touch right now.

Managed services

Need a more consistent, functional line of support to keep your mission-critical applications online at all times? Our managed services include remote monitoring and proactive verification and optimization, as well as full configuration management.

Drop us a line to find out more.

Support for developers and partners

Consult our technical documentation

TrustBuilder.io Suite

All technical documentation and manuals for our IAM solution can be found here.

TrustBuilder.io Multi-factor authenticator
(previously known as inWebo MFA)

All technical documentation and manuals for our MFA solution can be found here.