A need for transaction validation (e.g. CAP-EMV)

Who can do what – is the basic need covered by authentication and access control. However, new threats, risks, and vulnerabilities as well as evolving business requirements underscore the need for additional protection of the transaction content and transaction validation (e.g. CAP-EMV).

This is often related to money transfers or user’s privacy considerations, but more use cases are on the horizon, such as web ordering and invoicing, subscription to services or events and simply maintaining an undeniable proof that a transaction took place at a registered point in time.

Such content protection was traditionally built into applications, resulting in considerable repeatable costs, vulnerabilities and longer time to market. Hence the need for a centralized service based architecture resulting in ease of reuse and increased security strength.

TrustBuilder provides such services to applications or access management platforms, both within web based transactions or using out-of-band validation via mobile devices. This results in a better end-to-end protection of the critical data in a transaction, detecting application data tampering and keeping an undisputable proof.

Business benefits

  • Protect business-critical data end-to-end
  • Preserve an undeniable proof
  • Rapid deployment, no custom coding
  • Centralized approach reducing costs and increasing control.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about transaction validation like CAP-EMV.