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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Looking to improve security measures while providing your users with a single login to access your applications? Go for our SSO!

What you want

Business Challenges for SSO

Simplifying authentication across platforms with SSO

Ensuring security and compliance with industry regulations

Easing IT support burden by simplifying the login process

Integrating SSO with legacy systems or applications

Managing potential security risks such as single points of failure

Mitigating password fatigue for end users

What you gain

Key Benefits of our SSO

Increased Operational Efficiency

TrustBuilder’s Single Sign-On solution provides a frictionless authentication experience, simplifies the onboarding process for new users and empowers them with self-service options, leading to higher satisfaction and engagement.

Increased IT Productivity

TrustBuilder’s SSO accelerates integration with prebuilt connectors and offers automated onboarding processes. IT teams can onboard new applications faster and maintain existing integrations more easily.

Enhanced Compliance

With TrustBuiler’s platform, you can effortlessly integrate multiple Identity Providers including Government and Social Media IdPs, to boost convenience and usability for your SSO strategy.
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Success Story

Allianz’s Digital Transformation with Single Sign-On


Allianz Benelux sought a scalable and agile Single Sign-On (SSO) solution to meet the needs of diverse user groups – employees, brokers and end customers – requiring seamless integration with additional identity providers and applications.


Allianz Benelux swiftly addressed its access management needs by implementing TrustBuilder’s SSO solution, effortlessly integrating multiple Identity Providers to boost convenience and usability, all backed by highly secure technology.


TrustBuilder’s Single Sign-On solution unified access for Allianz, enabling brokers single-login access to multiple applications and ensuring smooth access for employees and customers across numerous applications.

What you need

Featured Product

TB Access Manager

Experience a “haute couture” management of external identities with unparalleled security and efficiency, best fit for hybrid environments. See more

TB Authentication Manager

Securely authenticate users on mobile and web platforms with TrustBuilder’s versatile authenticator app, offering passwordless options. See more

TrustBuilder ID

Verify the identity of your users securely, using document authentication or by integrating with IdPs, while ensuring KYC compliance. See more
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find your answer to common questions regarding TrustBuilder’s SSO solution.

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Is TrustBuilder’s SSO solution compatible with various application types?

Yes, it supports a wide range of applications, including cloud-based and on-premises applications. Its versatility ensures that users can access all necessary resources regardless of their hosting environment.

How can organizations reduce costs with TrustBuilder’s SSO?

TrustBuilder’s SSO solution helps organizations reduce IT costs by streamlining access management, automating onboarding processes, and decreasing the number of helpdesk calls related to password issues. It also offers prebuilt integrations and easier maintenance, contributing to cost savings.

Does TrustBuilder support SSO for legacy applications?

TrustBuilder extends support to legacy applications that operate within web formats. Utilizing the HTTP protocol, TrustBuilder’s integrated reverse proxy enables authentication within the session. Consequently, users with active sessions can efficiently access Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality.