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Passwordless & Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Looking for top-notch Mutli-factor Authentication security without the hassle? Explore our Passwordless and Adaptive SaaS MFA solution.

What you want

Business Challenges for MFA

Balancing security and user-friendliness

Integrating in existing systems without disruptions

Implementing hardware-free MFA to reduce costs

Managing user resistance to MFA adoption

Ensuring compatibility with diverse authentication methods

What you gain

Key Benefits of our MFA

Patented Security with Dynamic Keys

TrustBuilder’s MFA solution is patented and certified by ANSSI (French Cybersecurity Agency), relying on random dynamic keys technology to ensure a high level of security.

No Password, No Smartphone

TrustBuilder ensures a smooth user experience with Passwordless, Smartphoneless and Deviceless authentication options, adaptable to white-label branding for a consistent cross-platform experience.

Universal integration

TrustBuilder streamlines implementation with its SaaS model, standard connectors, and comprehensive API and SDK, facilitating integration and accelerating deployment, thereby reducing time-to-market and costs.
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Success Story

BNPP’s Digital Transformation with MFA


BNP Paribas sought to enhance authentication for its B2B e-banking solution to comply with PSD2 regulations and address hardware constraints for users without professional smartphones.


BNP Paribas opted for TrustBuilder’s full SaaS MFA featuring Passwordless and Smartphoneless authentication options, PSD2 compliance and effortless deployment.


High security protecting sensitive data in the Financial Industry. Swift deployment to tens of thousands of users who appreciated the simplified login journey.

What you need

Featured Product

TrustBuilder Authenticator

Securely authenticate users on mobile and web platforms with TrustBuilder’s versatile authenticator app, offering passwordless options. See more


Empower developers with our SDKs, facilitating easy integration of advanced authentication features into custom applications, ensuring robust security and user convenience. See more

TB Windows Logon

Secure Windows sessions, mitigating weak password and shared workstation risks, supporting various authentication methods, and simplifying administration tasks. See more

TB Transaction Signing

Implement dynamic linking between transactions, amounts and beneficiaries, safeguarding transactions against repudiation and fraudulent activities. See more
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Our customers

500+ Worldwide Customers

TrustBuilder supports over 500 worldwide businesses in their digital transformation, with 200+ Large Enterprise accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find your answer to common questions regarding TrustBuilder’s MFA solution.

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What authentication methods does TrustBuilder support?

TrustBuilder supports various authentication methods, including QR codes, PIN Codes, biometrics, and deviceless technology using the browser as a token, ensuring flexibility and user convenience.

What technology powers TrustBuilder’s MFA solution?

TrustBuilder’s MFA solution harnesses cutting-edge technology, including patented random dynamic keys certified by the French cybersecurity agency ANSSI. This innovative approach ensures robust security by leveraging passwordless, deviceless, and adaptive authentication methods.

Is TrustBuilder’s MFA solution easy to implement?

Yes, TrustBuilder’s MFA solution is designed for easy integration with existing systems, offering comprehensive APIs and SDKs for seamless implementation across platforms.

What is the price/subscription model?

The pricing model for TrustBuilder’s MFA solution is flexible and scalable, based on a subscription model tailored to the number of users or identities managed within the platform. This allows organizations to align costs with usage requirements and easily scale as needed. TrustBuilder offers transparent pricing plans with clear SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to ensure a predictable and reliable service for customers.

How can I get started with TrustBuilder’s MFA solution?

To begin your journey with TrustBuilder’s MFA solution, connect with our sales team to discuss your needs and explore customized implementation options. Additionally, take advantage of our free trial to experience the power of MFA firsthand.