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Access Management for Manufacturing

A tailored access management solution is indispensable in addressing the intricate access challenges within supply chain networks and regulatory demands inherent to the manufacturing sector.

Supplier Access Management

Efficiently manage access rights for suppliers who require access to your systems or data for supply chain collaboration.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance

Enforce access policies to comply with industry regulations such as ISO standards, GDPR, TISAX (for automotive industry) and HIPAA (for medical device manufacturing).

MFA for Remote Workers

Deploy MFA for secure access by remote workers, contractors, and field technicians to manufacturing systems from external locations.

White label MFA

Enable a smooth integration of MFA into your own financial applications, ensuring enhanced security and smooth user journey.

Identity Verification

Streamline identity verification processes for employees accessing manufacturing systems and applications, while enhancing operational efficiency.

Production Floor Security

Enhance production floor security with PBAC to limit access to machinery, equipment, and sensitive areas, ensuring a high level security.

Partner Access Management

Efficiently manage access for partners involved in manufacturing processes, ensuring secure collaboration while maintaining data confidentiality.

Employee Access Management

Manage employee access efficiently by assigning permissions based on business roles, ensuring secure and smooth access to resources.

Security in Logistics

Ensure data protection and access control for logistics personnel, optimizing operational security and compliance.

Reseller Access Management

Efficiently manage access for resellers and distributors to improve collaboration and optimize sales processes within your operations.

Federated Identities

Facilitate access for employees, partners, and suppliers across your manufacturing ecosystem by implementing federated identity management.


Get the Most Out of Your
Access Management Strategy

Enhanced Collaboration

TrustBuilder empowers manufacturers to confidently collaborate with external partners, suppliers, or vendors through federated identities, enabling secure and streamlined access for all stakeholders.

Reduced Downtime

TrustBuilder’s proactive security, including adaptive authentication, minimizes unauthorized access risks, ensuring uninterrupted production and preserving business continuity.

Cost Savings

TrustBuilder’s user-based pricing model for its solutions offers significant cost reductions. Additionally, by eliminating administrative burdens, TrustBuilder further limits costs and enhances operational efficiency.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

With TrustBuilder’s advanced security measures, safeguard your proprietary information and trade secrets, ensuring confidentiality and maintaining your competitive edge.

Build Customer Intimacy

Utilize TrustBuilder’s KYC feature to gather crucial customer information, enabling personalized experiences and targeted product recommendations, fostering deeper connections with your clientele.

Regulatory Compliance

TrustBuilder guarantees adherence to industry regulations and standards, including NIS2, GDPR, TISAX (automotive industry) and HIPAA (medical device manufacturer) effectively mitigating compliance risks and averting potential penalties.

Our solutions

TrustBuilder’s Products for Manufacturing Industry

TB Authentication Manager

Guarantee secure and compliant access to your systems and data by implementing MFA alongside passwordless and adaptive methods, prioritizing user convenience. See more

TB Access Manager

Experience a “haute couture” management of external identities with unparalleled security and efficiency, best fit for hybrid environments. See more

TB Persona

Tailor access rights and permissions, allowing users to utilize a single profile for multiple roles and activities within your ecosystem. See more

TB Workflow

Easily orchestrate interactions between various systems thanks to an intuitive Workflow Editor, enhancing operational efficiency. See more
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find your answer to common questions regarding TrustBuilder’s approach to addressing challenges in Access Management within the Manufacturing Industry.

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How does TrustBuilder address supply chain access management challenges within the manufacturing sector?

TrustBuilder offers comprehensive access management solutions tailored for manufacturing, enabling seamless control over access across the supply chain. By implementing policy-based access controls, federated identities and granular permissions, TrustBuilder ensures efficient collaboration and reduces operational disruptions, fostering a secure and productive ecosystem.

Can TrustBuilder’s solutions help manufacturing companies comply with industry regulations?

Yes, TrustBuilder’s solutions are designed to automate access control processes and ensure adherence to industry regulations and standards, including GDPR and NIS2. With features such as multi-factor authentication, federated identities and identity verification, TrustBuilder helps manufacturing companies mitigate compliance risks and maintain regulatory compliance effortlessly.

How does TrustBuilder protect sensitive manufacturing data against cyber threats and insider risks?

TrustBuilder employs a multi-layered approach to safeguard sensitive data. This includes implementing robust access controls and proactive security measures such as adaptive authentication. This strengthens defenses against cyber threats and insider risks, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of data.

Can TrustBuilder’s solutions improve operational efficiency within manufacturing facilities?

Absolutely. TrustBuilder’s solutions are designed to optimize access management processes within manufacturing facilities, leading to improved operational efficiency and agility. By streamlining authentication and authorization, TrustBuilder enables companies to enhance productivity, optimize resource utilization, and accelerate production cycles.

How does TrustBuilder support integration with legacy manufacturing systems?

TrustBuilder offers flexible integration options, allowing seamless connectivity with either cloud or existing legacy systems. Leveraging industry-standard protocols and APIs, TrustBuilder ensures minimal disruption to manufacturing operations during implementation, empowering companies to modernize their access management practices while preserving their investment in legacy systems.