Customizable Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM)

Looking to enhance customer digital journeys? Need a reliable system for managing customer identities securely? Go for our CIAM solution.

What you want

Business Challenges for CIAM

Enhancing customer satisfaction and limiting churn

Ensuring fluid digital user experience during authentication

Safeguarding sensitive customer data and fostering trust

Protecting customer data privacy and complying with regulations

Scaling identity management systems to handle growing data volume

Balancing security measures with user convenience

What you gain

Key Benefits of our CIAM

Highly Custom Solution

TrustBuilder offers a customer CIAM solution that can adapt to complex environment specifications, enabling efficient accommodation of growing user bases and changing business requirements.

Unified User Journey

TrustBuilder’s CIAM solution manages customer identities across multiple channels, optimizing identity processes and ensuring consistency in user experiences and ultimately driving higher conversion and retention.

Adaptive security

Leveraging TrustBuilder’s adaptive authentication capabilities, organizations can dynamically adjust authentication requirements based on risk factors, enhancing security without compromising user convenience.
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CIAM Plateform

Success Story

Fednot’s Digital Transformation


Fednot, the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries, sought to offer mobile authentication to its users, while ensuring secure access for notaries and ecosystem partners.


TrustBuilder provided a comprehensive CIAM solution, enabling mobile authentication, Single Sign-On, Federated identity management and secure connectivity.


Fednot successfully implemented TrustBuilder’s solution, enhancing user experience, bolstering security, and streamlining access management across its digital ecosystem.

What you need

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TrustBuilder ID

Verify the identity of your users securely, using document authentication or by integrating with IdPs, while ensuring KYC compliance. See more

TB Workflow

Easily orchestrate interactions between various systems thanks to an intuitive Workflow Editor, enhancing operational efficiency. See more

TB Persona

Unlock the potential of tailored access rights and permissions, allowing users to utilize a single profile for multiple roles and activities within your ecosystem. See more

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500+ Worldwide Customers

TrustBuilder supports over 500 worldwide businesses in their digital transformation, with 200+ Large Enterprise accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is CIAM important for businesses?

CIAM is crucial for businesses as it enables them to deliver personalized and secure experiences to their customers across various digital channels, fostering trust, loyalty, and satisfaction while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Additionally, CIAM solutions empower administrators to easily manage customer access, streamline operations, and enhance security measures.

What are the key features of TrustBuilder’s CIAM solution?

TrustBuilder’s CIAM solution offers features such as single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), access orchestration, user registration and profile management, consent management, social login integration, and customization options through TB Workflow. This comprehensive feature set allows businesses to tailor authentication workflows, registration processes, and access policies to meet their unique needs and compliance requirements.

Can TrustBuilder’s CIAM solution be customized to fit specific business requirements?

Yes, TrustBuilder’s CIAM solution is highly customizable and configurable, allowing businesses to tailor authentication workflows, user registration processes, and access policies to meet their unique needs and compliance requirements. The flexibility offered by TrustBuilder’s solution ensures that businesses can adapt and evolve their CIAM implementations as their requirements change over time.

What kind of support and assistance does TrustBuilder offer for implementing CIAM solutions?

TrustBuilder provides comprehensive support services, including consulting, training, documentation, and technical assistance, to help businesses plan, deploy, and optimize their CIAM implementations effectively.

Can TrustBuilder’s CIAM solution integrate with existing IT systems and applications?

Yes, TrustBuilder’s CIAM solution offers flexible integration capabilities, allowing seamless interoperability with a wide range of identity providers, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, marketing platforms, and other third-party applications. Furthermore, TrustBuilder’s solution can operate in hybrid environments, accommodating both cloud-based and legacy systems, ensuring compatibility and continuity across IT infrastructures.