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inWebo toward Identity Management with SmartLogin for Azure AD

As businesses are moving from Active Directory to Azure AD Cloud, applications may use modern or legacy logins attributes for authentication. Thanks to inWebo’s new feature, you can easily migrate to Microsoft’s Cloud and secure identities without having to rethink your entire MFA strategy which can be quite challenging and time consuming.

The MFA solution to manage a smooth transition to the Azure AD Cloud

Benefit from a Multifactor Authentication (MFA) solution that will allow you to easily secure both your on-premise legacy applications and Cloud Azure AD apps without having 2 separate MFA projects.


inWebo simplifies authentication when transitioning to the new Microsoft environment by supporting sAMAccountName and User Principal Name (UPN) in it’s directory for a unique user. Both login attributes are linked to the right user so that administrators don’t have to create a second MFA project to secure authentication for Azure AD cloud apps.


Although the sAMAccountName is still the login attribute allowing users to authenticate on on-premises legacy applications, it is now the UserPrincipalName (UPN) that is used by Microsoft Azure AD to allow users to sign-in to the Cloud environment.

This new feature allows a single end-user to have 2 separate logins attributes (his ID and an alternate ID) and according to the application which will ask for the authentication, whether on-premise or in Microsoft's cloud, to use alternatively one or the other.

Easily manage multiple login attributes for a single user

SmartLogin for Azure AD is available for all inWebo’s customers simply by activating an option in the connector and adding information to the user’s data in inWebo Directory Sync (IWDS).

Effortless & Frictionless User Experience for Architects, Administrators and End-users


nWebo simplifies the switch to Microsoft’s cloud environment (Azure AD) for enterprise architects.


For administrators, this new feature spares them the trouble of creating a second account for the new environment and thus having to enroll once again their same end-users. A way to save time, effort and potentially licenses.

End users

This feature showcases once again the frictionless user experience provided by inWebo’s solution. End-users won’t need to enroll themselves to authenticate to your Cloud apps in Azure AD. It will be just like if they were login into your on-premises legacy applications. This also means that they will only have 1 account to manage.

A secure and simple login experience to access its Azure AD environment

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