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TrustBuilder supports your growth

Organizations are living organisms, changing to reflect evolutions in the market and growing as demand for products or services flourishes. Your Identity and Access Management solutions needs to support that growth. Scalable IAM is agile and flexible to accompany an organization on its journey.  


How TrustBuilder achieves scalable IAM

Support for your digital ecosystems

In many industries, organizations are building ecosystems, or becoming part of a digital ecosystem. These ecosystems bring together complementary partners. Retail banks build ecosystems to offer financial and non-financial services, delivering a total solution to their customers. TrustBuilder’s IAM solution is ideally suited to empower these ecosystems and can handle millions of authorizations, scaling along with the growth of the ecosystem and the number of its customers.


Develop once, repeat often

As organizations develop these ecosystems, they need to establish connections to Identity providers, solution providers and third-party authentication mechanisms to deliver the right level of security. TrustBuilder.io consists of a catalog of services that developers can easily add to their existing IAM framework and comes with a vast set of connections to applications (service providers) and identity providers. Once an enterprise has implemented TrustBuilder.io, new services are easily added, decreasing time to market.

Always up to date

TrustBuilder adds connections to Identity Providers and Service Providers constantly. Whenever a new standard appears, or a new Identity Provider enters in the market, TrustBuilder will add the connection to the TrustBuilder.io platform. Whenever companies see new use cases, or move into a new geographical area where other Identity Providers are important (for instance itsme for Belgium, eHerkenning for the Netherlands, and many more), TrustBuilder provides this functionality out-of-the box.


Growing with you

Successful companies grow, build more partnership, acquire more customers, … The IAM solution needs to be able to scale along with that growth. And this is exactly what TrustBuilder does. As customer use cases testify, TrustBuilder can handle heavy workloads. As an example, SD Worx uses TrustBuilder to handle authentications from over a million SD Worx customers. At Eurocontrol, TrustBuilder empowers over 4 million authentications on a daily basis.  

Mergers and Acquisitions

TrustBuilder can connect to any identity store directly without the need of synchronizing data. When a new company is acquired, this allows IT to add the identity stores of the new company to their existing processes, as well as integrating the new company’s applications into the existing infrastructure within days or weeks instead of months or years.