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Reinventing Retail Banking

The retail banking environment has undergone tremendous change. While many of its core activities have remained the same, the breadth in the number of marketing channels and the number of services has grown exponentially. Solid Identity and Access Management (IAM) is key in modern banking.


Building Ecosystems

Retail banks are becoming one-stop-shops to their customers, offering their own financial services and non-financial services by third parties. At the same time, PSD2 (the second Payment Services Directive) is forcing banks to exchange information with third parties. This can only be done by using an open, microservice-based architecture.

TrustBuilder Identity Hub acts as a token exchange, enabling easy integration with multiple third-party applications, thus facilitating ecosystem development.’ TrustBuilder Connectors’ bring plug-and-play connections to a host of service providers and identity providers. When third parties request data from a bank, TrustBuilder ensures only authorized applications or individuals can access these data. TrustBuilder enforces authentication, either through the bank’s own authentication methods or through federated authentication methods such as itsme.

Securing the Customer Experience

Modern consumers demand ease of use and consistency across different banking channels and on the different journeys they engage in with a bank. From onboarding to performing transactions and resolving problems, the customer wants a flawless experience.

TrustBuilder Identity Hub supports Bring Your Own Authentication (BYOAuth), Single Sign-on (SSO), password-less authentication, step-up authentication, biometrics and social login. Our technical support for different identity sources and authentication methods offers choice to the customer.

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Supporting Digital Transformation

As retail banks go digital, they are expanding the number of digital channels to replace the bank branches. Self-service is the order of the day, and consumers don’t want to conduct business only during opening hours.

TrustBuilder Identity Hub has a single view on identities, simplifying customer self-onboarding and the authentication experience. TrustBuilder Connectors build the bridge between different environments, thus allowing seamless access. Based on the principle of Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC), TrustBuilder supports contextual information such as geolocation, fingerprint, …

Application access

Internal employees and contractors require seamless access to proprietary and cloud-based applications and want to authenticate only once, regardless of the place they are working from.

A large European bank deployed TrustBuilder Identity Hub to allow Single Sign-on (SSO) for access by all its internal users and remote workers to its applications. Authentication is seamless and when SSO does not suffice, step-up authentication is used by prompting Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).