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How to set up a frictionless customer journey

How to set up frictionless customer journey TrustBuilder.io Suite

Identity and Access Management has moved from being a technical component in companies’ architectures to a driver of business value. IAM goes beyond guaranteeing security and now plays a key role in reducing cost, tapping into new revenue sources, digitizing products and services and improving customer experience.

Enterprises exploring the market for an IAM solution will find many potential partners to work with. TrustBuilder differs in a number of ways: we offer an end-to-end IAM solution, we make building digital ecosystems easy, we deliver a seamless customer experience and accelerate time to market in bringing new applications to the end customer.

This white paper discusses:

  • The drivers for modern Identity and Access Management
  • The impact of new technologies on IAM
  • How TrustBuilder.io Suite addresses companies’ challenges
  • The detailed architecture of TrustBuilder.io Suite
  • What differentiates TrustBuilder from other IAM solutions
  • What companies are already using TrustBuilder.io Suite

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