• TrustBuilder Identity Hub

    In today’s distributed world, applications may be local or hosted by a wide variety of third parties. Managing a User’s Identity in such an environment is increasingly delegated to external providers.
    Organizations need to embrace this evolution, yet maintaining control in-house.

  • Marrying strong authentication with user convenience

    The State of California government recognized the need for stronger user authentication, knowing that authentication strength requirements may change over time, and that user convenience and cost of ownership were very important from day one.

  • Converting IBM ISAM CDAS modules to EAI

    Successful projects have been realized with customers, converting CDAS Authentication modules for IBM TAM / ISAM to an EAI-based solution, ready for use with IBM's appliance approach, introduced in ISAM 7.0. A package can be offered, analyzing a customer's CDAS utilization and resulting in a tailored proposal. For a technical background on the process, please click on this link:

  • TrustBuilder Digital Certificate Handling

    Digital certificates offer strong security capabilities for authenicating users and signing transactions or documents. However, with that comes some complexity to validate a certificate for such purposes. 

  • Solution Brief Trustbuilder Two-Factor Authentication

    How TrustBuilder extends Access Management with Two-Factor Authentication

  • IBM Security Access Manager and Two-Factor Authentication

    • IBM Security Access Manager and Two-Factor Authentication
    • How TrustBuilder extends IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) with Two-Factor Authentication
  • Authentication and Authorization with SecurIT Trustbuilder

    • Strong Authentication and Authorization with SecurIT TrustBuilder
    • How TrustBuilder and IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) deal with Adaptive Access Control
  • KBC offers customers adaptive security with SecurIT TrustBuilder and IBM Tivoli Access Manager

    KBC can now offer simultaneous use of different authentication methods for diverse user communities to login to their banking applications. 

  • ING: building the New Channel Security Architecture for the Next Decade

    Using IBM's Access Management solution with SecurIT's Versatile Authentication Server, allows ING to offer easy re-use of security services for different usse cases, to accommodate different methods over time, and to balance risk / cost while meeting the needs of different user communities.

  • Flemish Government provides seamless access for citizens

    Combining IBM security access management software with SecurIT TrustBuilder provides citizens and employees with simple, secure and fast digital access to all available Flemish Authorities resources, now and in the future.