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Wavestone’s Radar highlights inWebo MFA for VPN access security

Within organisations, several digital solutions that were considered ‘nice-to-have’ prior to the health crisis have now become ‘must-haves’.


Cyber security is a necessity in regards to the increase of cyber attacks

According to the IT security company Zscaler, cyber attacks have increased by 30 000% with the development of telecommuting. Hence, security and data protection have become, more than ever, major concerns.


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Wavestone 2020 Radar for Digital Workplace Startups

Wavestone supports the leaders of today and tomorrow in their most strategic decisions. Facing the covid-19 pandemic and considering the repercussions due to lockdown, the consulting firm has studied how Digital Workplace start-ups are coping with the crisis.

To answer this question, Wavestone looked at French Digital Workplace startups and conducted a survey among the 130 startups identified in their Digital Workplace radar.

The objective of this radar is to highlight a particularly active ecosystem of French startups in the field of Digital Workplace and to propose a deciphering of this ecosystem to emphasize its particularities.

Security and data protection have become, more than ever, major concerns for companies to deal with increasing risks. As such, startups identified in the " Security & Identity " category have benefited from new business opportunities.

For instance, with it's multi factor authentication MFA solution for secure VPN access, inWebo Technologies, has seen its use increase as remote working has become more widespread.

Secure all your applications, VPN solution, IAM, PAM, SSO and promote telecommuting with inWebo MFA strong authentication.

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