Secure authentication methods and strong user authentication

IBM Security Access Manager for Web and IBM Security Access Manager for Cloud and Mobile are the IBM strategic offerings for managing access to applications and resources from the browser or mobile devices.

TrustBuilder integrates seamlessly with IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM), enhancing the platform with its comprehensive set of out-of-the-box services, through a set of published interfaces:

  • CDAS (C-level API) interface, still in use at customers but being faded-out by IBM. Migrate existing CDAS usage to EAI...
  • External Authentication Interface (EAI): extends ISAM effortlessly with any of the strong user authentication methods supported by TrustBuilder. Read more…
  • Risk Based Access (RBA) service: use of the ISAM/IFIM authorization rules to challenge the user for re-authentication or transaction signing in conditions with a high(er) risk level. Read more…
  • Administration API: allows TrustBuilder to manage any user-related information in ISAM’s repository, such as registration of mobile users or migrating users to another authentication method.

By using TrustBuilder altogether with ISAM, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Rapid deployment of virtually any authentication methods for your web infrastructure
  • Finer-grained and secure authentication methods, authorization and identification decisions, a must-have in today’s threat patterns
  • Single point of administration for web user repositories
  • Out-of-the box integration, validated by IBM
  • No need to develop and maintain custom code
  • Predictable cost for your web infrastructure

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