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Whether you are an application service provider, a systems integrator, a technology vendor or a business consultancy, the TrustBuilder Suite offers multiple opportunities for collaboration. We have built an ecosystem of partners around our Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms. We welcome you to become part of that thriving digital ecosystem.

TrustBuilder Accelerate program

TrustBuilder ACCELERATE - our new partner program is here!

Whether you are a solution provider, a distributor or a software vendor, our program has been designed to allow you to differentiate yourself and develop your business in a growing market, thanks to inWebo technologies.

The TrustBuilder Accelerate program is suitable for any type of partner

At TrustBuilder, we know and recognize the value added by our partners to our customers. We are convinced that together we will bring a better answer to the complex cyber security issues that companies are facing today?


You sell and integrate the TrustBuilder.io solutions and become a trusted interlocutor on cybersecurity issues with customers. GSIs, you develop digital transformation programs and strengthen their security by deploying TrustBuilder.io solutions.


You recruit and manage value-added resellers in the field of cybersecurity. You support them in their business development around TrustBuilder.io solutions by training them and offering them adapted marketing tools to conduct lead generation campaigns.


You reinforce the global security of the services you offer to your customers by integrating the TrustBuilder.io technology into the solutions you develop.


You complete the catalog of cybersecurity services that you offer to your customers or resellers with the TrustBuilder.io solution. You create synergies with the other technologies in your catalog. You use and manage a dedicated cloud environment hosted by TrustBuilder.


You work with the TrustBuilder teams to ensure that your solutions and ours integrate well into customer environments.

Benefits of the Accelerate partner program

The Accelerate program offers incremental benefits for our partners. The more you grow your business with us, the more we invest in our relationship.

Margins and discounts

Attractive and guaranteed discount levels, incentive programs.

Training and skills development

Technical and commercial training and certifications to enable you to sell, demonstrate and implement TrustBuilder solutions. TrustBuilder NFR licenses for your company on a dedicated Saas tenant.

Sales accelerator

Many tools and resources to facilitate business development around inWebo solutions in your market: battle cards, success stories, industry presentations, videos, data sheets, etc...

Marketing accelerator

Extensive marketing resources at your disposal to carry out your lead generation campaigns around TrustBuilder.io: content development, co-branding, tools, best practices, monitoring, co-financing, etc...

Partner portal

A tool for registering and tracking opportunities; simple and efficient, allows you to follow your business activity and interact with TrustBuilder teams. A complete knowledge base.

Tiers of partnerships

The TrustBuilder Accelerate program has three tiers that correspond to your level of commitment and performance with our solutions. The benefits and requirements of the program are different for each tier. Partner engagement is evaluated annually.


This is the entry level for all partners.
Authorized partners can resell TrustBuilder solutions.
They are required to meet a minimum set of requirements.


Preferred partners have demonstrated their expertise and ability to sell TrustBuilder solutions in their geographical or business area. They have access to specific program benefits and have annual training, marketing and sales objectives.


Elite is the highest level of the program. Elite partners have demonstrated their commitment to TrustBuilder through: significant investments on their technical skills, numerous marketing and business development actions, high annual sales results.
They have access to all the benefits of the program.

Join our growing ecosystem of partners.

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