TrustBuilder Identity Hub 9.0 released

July 25, 2017

TrustBuilder Identity Hub is TrustBuilder Corporation’s flagship product for access management for web, mobile and cloud applications. For more than ten years it has been the cornerstone of many organisations around the world to control how customers and employees access critical services.

TrustBuilder Corporation has now released version 9.0 of TrustBuilder Identity Hub.

With this release, we mainly focus on federation, fine-grained access control and strong authentication.


TrustBuilder IDHub already had a wide support for federation standards like SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect and WS-Federation. With this release TrustBuilder capabilities for federation has been extended with the following functionalities, that either enhance security or flexibility in deployments:

SAML Artifact

OAuth Multiple Response Types

OAuth Form Post Response Mode

OAuth Token Revocations

OAuth Token Introspection

OpenID Connect Discovery

Many of these standards allow for a wide interpretation of the details, resulting in many cases in incompatible implementations from different vendors. TrustBuilder IDHub 9.0 has extended its concept of workflow hooks to federation scenario’s. This allows customers to bridge the grey zones in the specification. Without the need for customisation, it guarantees customers that they can integrate with federation solutions from other vendors, simply be defining the specifics using a graphical workflow editor.

Fine-grained Access Control

While most products on the market today were built on an RBAC (Role Based Access Control) engine, from the start TrustBuilder IDHub uses an ABAC (Attribute Based Access Control) approach. This allows to define very fine-grained and complex authorisation rules.

With TrustBuilder IDHub 9.0 we’ve now made it a lot easier to specify ABAC rules that deal with context-aware parameters like geolocation, IP-reputation, device fingerprinting and many more.

Strong Authentication

TrustBuilder is already one of the strongest enablers for third party authentication providers, on-site as well as in the cloud.

To reinforce this, in this release we are adding support for FIDO, an open standard for authentication. This allows for a far more efficient integration of strong authentication solutions from third party vendors.

Moreover, TrustBuilder IDHub 9.0 now also comes with its own mobile authenticator: TrustBuilder for Mobile. It is a free add-on product that can be used for OTP (One-Time-Password) authentication for applications that are protected by TrustBuilder IDHub. The most important characteristics of this APP are security, ease-of-use and the fact that it is brandable.