Itsme and TrustBuilder simplify strong authentication for Belgian Organizations

January 17, 2018

Marc Vanmaele, CEO TrustBuilder Corporation: “With itsme®, we can now offer our Belgian customers a simplified login experience, while providing a high degree of security assurance.  Many of our clients were hesitating to use eID because of its relative inconvenience.  These times are now over ; your mobile will become your proof of digital identity for the years to come.  For organizations, the itsme® model is an elegant way to offer strong authentication, without the hassle to manage it on your own.  By integrating itsme® with  TrustBuilder®, we are offering our clients a simple and flexible solution, that enables  secure mobile authentication, to any enterprise application, both mobile or web based.”

About TrustBuilder Corporation
TrustBuilder Corporation N.V. (, formerly SecurIT B.V.B.A., is a software product company based in Ghent, Belgium, active in the Identity and Access Management niche. TrustBuilder plays a key role in the security infrastructure at some of the largest institutions across the world, authenticating nearly 40 million users. Belgian clients include a.o. ING, Proximus, KBC and SD Worx.

Its core solution, TrustBuilder®, is a powerful Identity Hub, providing brokerage between modern cloud and legacy architectures whereby authentication and authorization decisions are based on policies and info obtained at runtime, not static access controls. It is capable of selecting the appropriate identity provider, based on various parameters, such as: service provider requirements, user and device information and most importantly contextual information and risk analysis.

See also Press Release (NL+FR) from Belgian Mobile ID.

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