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New successes for TrustBuilder in Gulf region

TrustBuilder’s activities in the Gulf region are beginning to bear fruit. Multiple banks and telecom service providers are using the most recent version of our IAM platform TrustBuilder.io Suite to authenticate their users with government Identity Providers (IdPs), while up to 15 banks are planning to join the platform the coming months.

In the Gulf States, the respective governments act as an IdP for customers of banking and telecom companies. One of TrustBuilder’s technology partners in the region secures the connection between the banks and telecom providers on the one hand, and the government on the other, based on the TrustBuilder.io solution.

TrustBuilder worked closely with its partner on implementing the most recent version of the TrustBuilder.io Suite, serving over 15 banks and telecom providers in the Gulf region, all among the leading financial institutions in the region.

TrustBuilder takes care of the complexity in the background, to accommodate the extra security layers that the government implemented: when a customer logs in to the application of his bank, TrustBuilder applies all necessary security policies before forwarding the request to the IdP. Once identified, TrustBuilder supports the authentication of the customer and applies another set of policies to manage the access of that customer to the right digital banking and telecom services.

This Federated Identity use case is completely transparent for the customer and combines airtight security with a great user experience. It has been realized based on standard protocols such as OAuth and SAML, guaranteeing a future-proof solution to be applied in other planned use cases. For the banks and telecom providers, TrustBuilder takes away the complexity, while guaranteeing security. The solution is also very scalable and can easily be extended to other use cases.

“The Gulf region is an important area of innovation in financial services,” says Frank Hamerlinck, CEO of TrustBuilder. “The biggest names in financial services in the Gulf region using TrustBuilder is proof that our strategy of international expansion is paying off.”