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TrustBuilder (previously inWebo) MFA vs Google Authenticator

Looking for a strong authentication solution? Compare TrustBuilder 2FA / MFA and Google Authenticator to make an informed choice.

TrustBuilder MFA and Google Authenticator, 2 visions of multifactor authentication



Founded in 2008, TrustBuilder (previously inWebo) is the specialist in multi-factor strong authentication (MFA). The company offers a complete SaaS platform for strong authentication management. It combines two key elements: maximum security and a smooth user experience.


Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is a free security app on mobile developed by Google that can protect accounts against password theft. It can be used in a process called two-factor authentication (2FA) offered on popular services like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Comparison of TrustBuilder vs Google Authenticator

Not all MFA solutions are the same when it comes to security

The TrustBuilder MFA solution relies on patented random dynamic keys on the user side and HSMs (Hardware Security Modules) on the server side to protect user identities.

Google Authenticator uses only the possession factor to generate an OTP and you need to use a classical password seen as a "second factor".

Combination of 2 factors

Resistance to theft of private keys

Protection vs Man in the middle / Phishing

Dynamic keys - patented inWebo (Not sensitive to reverse engineering)

SIM card exchange / SMS transfer

Hardware Secure Module (HSM)

User Experience
No OTP retyping

depends on the implementation

Push Notification

Mobile Application

only available on smartphone

Desktop Application

Authentication via browser only

Mobile SDK (white label)

Web SDK (white label)

One-click user enrollment for the browser token

Offline mode

Offer your users a smooth, simple and fast experience

The TrustBuilder MFA solution allows your users to enroll very easily and in seconds. To enroll, simply click on a link and define your PIN code. No further action is required for the user to be able to freely authenticate.

Your user wishes to authenticate via his browser? Nothing could be simpler, TrustBuilder does not require any installation to transform a browser into a trusted device.

Quick and easy deployment and integration

Thanks to our standards-compliant SaaS platform, you can deploy and connect TrustBuilder with your business applications in less than an hour. Don't change anything to your architecture, TrustBuilder adapts to your needs and constraints.

Deployment process
No additional infrastructure to install (Cloud solution)

Universal integrations with more than 5000 apps (SAML, Radius, OIDC, Azure AD ...)

Evolution of the solution

Rarely updated

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