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inWebo continues its international growth in Italy with a cutting-edge MFA for access & data security

As part of its ongoing international development, inWebo is currently carrying out it’s multifactor authentication solution to the italian market with Filippetti SPA as a strategic partner.


inWebo's multifactor authentication is brought to the Italian market with Filippetti Group

Recently, inWebo signed a partnership with Filippetti S.p.A, one of Italy’s leading MultiCloud Service Providers. This new collaboration is a step forward for inWebo’s strategic development as the company continues to expand its international activities. Indeed, companies from all industries, and all across the world, are looking for a cost-effective Multifactor Authentication MFA solution, in the cloud and easy to use while providing the highest security possible.

Over the past few days, several articles in the Italian press have highlighted the added value of this partnership to help companies address their cybersecurity needs and challenges. Indeed, they will be able to easily secure their access and protect their business data while benefiting from an end-to-end service from Filippetti which includes design, implementation and technical support.

Founded in 2008 in France, inWebo offers a multi-factor authentication SaaS solution (2FA / MFA) developed on a patented technology based on random dynamic keys, an element that substantially differentiates it from its competitors in the sector.

inWebo provides a unique strong authentication solution for all corporate assets, removing the need to use multiple authentication systems based on smartphone apps that are highly vulnerable to reverse-engineering. inWebo MFA solution provides a very high level of security and allows companies to improve the login experience of their users (employees, partners, etc.) thanks to a passwordless solution that also reduces the management effort for IT teams. Filippetti Group delivers inWebo MFA as an end-to-end service that includes design, implementation and technical support.

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inWebo MFA in the Italian press

In Italy there is a significant growth in demand for effective and simple solutions to protect access to corporate data with a seek for cutting-edge technology. The market landscape is maybe full of big names but we see a lack of a truly smart, easy-to-use and flexible solution like inWebo MFA.

Filippetti S.p.A. offers a wide range of integrated solutions including: services and technologies (both on premise and in the cloud) for the modernisation of IT infrastructures, public, private and hybrid cloud, data & business applications, cyber security and vertical solutions for multiple markets.