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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I get started with TrustBuilder’s MFA solution?

To begin your journey with TrustBuilder’s MFA solution, connect with our sales team to discuss your needs and explore customized implementation options. Additionally, take advantage of our free trial to experience the power of MFA firsthand.

Can I start a free trial to test TrustBuilder Authenticator?

Yes, TrustBuilder offers a free trial of its SaaS solution, allowing organizations to experience the features and capabilities of TrustBuilder Authenticator before making a commitment.

What is the subscription model for TrustBuilder Authenticator?

TrustBuilder Authenticator operates on a flexible subscription model based on the number of users. This allows organizations to scale their authentication needs according to their requirements, ensuring cost-effectiveness and scalability.

Does TrustBuilder offer white labeling options for its authentication solutions?

Yes, TrustBuilder provides white labeling options for its authentication solution with it’s SDK, allowing organizations to customize the branding and user interface of the authentication experience to align with their corporate identity and enhance brand recognition.

What authentication methods does TrustBuilder support?

TrustBuilder supports various authentication methods, including QR codes, PIN Codes, biometrics, and deviceless technology using the browser as a token, ensuring flexibility and user convenience.