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You believe the technology behind every MFA solution is the same? Certainly not! Not all MFA solutions are the same. There are several criteria to consider when evaluating the security and user experience of the different vendors. Follow our graphic guide to achieve your benchmark.

Why should you consider implementing a MFA solution?

Required features of a powerful MFA solution

Highest level of security on the market

Are you familiar with random dynamic key technology? It is a patented technology, certified by the French Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), that is not susceptible to reverse engineering. inWebo is the inventor and the exclusive owner, offering the highest level of security on the strong authentication market. The solution also offers an offline mode as secure as the online mode thanks to an advanced mathematical model.

Quick to deploy, easy to administer

Recent crises have shown that there is an immediate urgency to deploy strong authentication on a large scale. Where some security policies prevent the installation of an application, or require a long and time-consuming process, inWebo’s MFA solution can be deployed quickly in SaaS mode, without human contact and without logistics.

Seamless user experience

Security should not be at the expense of the user experience. inWebo allows you to offer a simplified user experience, extended to all dimensions of authentication, from enrollment to login. Deploy your MFA project to all your users: employees, partners, providers or users. Thanks to the Deviceless MFA (browser token), a worldwide exclusivity, your users’ accesses will no longer have to depend on their equipment since strong authentication can be done without a smartphone or tablet, with just a simple browser.

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Quick and easy integration

inWebo MFA is compatible with all your applications, whether they are intended for your employees, partners or customers. Accessible in SaaS, rich in connectors, APIs and SDKs, it adapts to your technical constraints and your existing architecture. This saves you a lot of time, allowing you to focus on the productivity of your teams, without worrying about the rest. 

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A single MFA solution for your SaaS, VPN, PAM, SSO, IAM and B2C applications.

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