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5 reasons why embedded finance should be on your radar

This new trend is important for any customer-facing company and concerns both financial services companies and any other organization looking for extra revenue and more loyal customers.

Reaping the rewards of our efforts

Just months after the investment by inWebo Group was announced, it is already paying off for TrustBuilder. Accelerated ...

How cybersecurity can fuel Europe’s ambition to become an independent digital leader

I’ve always believed in globalization. However, three years ago, I read in The Economist a cover article on ...

Free whitepaper Accelerating Digital Innovation in HR Services

Free whitepaper Accelerating Digital Innovation in HR Services

Get insights into the evolution of HR, the HR services industry and the technology solutions that power and support these trends. Suite from A to Z Suite from A to Z

What are modern-day challenges in IAM? And how does Suite tackle them? Download this whitepaper to find out how Suite goes beyond traditional IAM thanks to its solid architecture and robust capabilities, offering an end-to end solution for organizations that want to combine great customer experience with airtight security.

Financial Services State-of-the-Market Survey

Financial Services State-of-the-Market Survey

What are the strategic priorities of financial services companies? How do they translate into technology choices? Are all financial services companies transforming at the same pace? You will find the answers to these questions in a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TrustBuilder.

Building Trust for Microservices

Building Trust for Microservices

Why are microservices so popular? What role does authorization play in securing APIs? How can TrustBuilder help?

Free e-book: Building Trust for Digital Ecosystems

Free e-book: Building Trust for Digital Ecosystems

TrustBuilder Identity Hub establishes the foundation for trust that drives smooth interactions and powers digital ecosystems.

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