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Building a European IAM Leader: inWebo and TrustBuilder continue as TrustBuilder


Paris/Ghent, February 28, 2023 – One year after the strategic acquisition of TrustBuilder by inWebo, the two companies have now officially become one. Rebranded as TrustBuilder, the united organization is dedicated to delivering the highest quality solutions for identity protection and access management across digital environments.

The merger of these two industry leaders brings together TrustBuilder’s expertise in Identity and Access Management (IAM) with inWebo’s focus on secure and convenient Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). The combined offering delivers a comprehensive set of building blocks to secure the digital enterprise and ensures secure interactions for customers, employees and machines. The modules in TrustBuilder’s IAM framework solve the challenges of multiple use cases such as Single Sign-on, Multi-Factor Authentication, Passwordless Authentication, Federated Identity, Identity Verification, Know Your Customer, Persona Selection and Management…

TrustBuilder is backed by private equity firm Essling Expansion and combines financial stability, technical excellence, and industry knowledge. Bringing inWebo and TrustBuilder together created the first 100% SaaS pan-European buy-and-build platform in cybersecurity software. The new company will be able to invest more resources in research and development, ensuring that customers have access to the latest and most advanced cybersecurity technologies. Customers will also be able to turn to a wider network of partners for implementation and integration.

In today’s digital world, protecting identities and access to sensitive information is more important than ever. We have a strong commitment to innovation, user experience and trust-building. By forming one single company, we can now provide customers with the best possible solutions to access their environments with complete confidence. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers and partners and to building a brighter future together.

says TrustBuilder CEO Olivier Perroquin.

To emphasize the renewed dynamics of the new organization, the TrustBuilder logo was revamped. The new logo features the letter t – which stands for Trust – the currency in the digital age. The base color of TrustBuilder is blue, a color that is mainly associated with security and trust, yet the new logo also contains playful elements, representative of the agility and freshness of the TrustBuilder solution.

About TrustBuilder
TrustBuilder delivers frictionless customer experience and airtight security throughout the digital journeys of consumers, employees, partners, and machines. Our SaaS cybersecurity solution allows companies to acquire new customers, grow revenue, and reduce costs. As a European player in Identity and Access Management (IAM), data privacy and compliance with global, regional, and local regulations are inseparable in our DNA.
Website: https://www.trustbuilder.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/trustbuilder
Twitter: @trustbuilder

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