websights TrustBuilder Integrations: Enhance Your IAM Ecosystem

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Secure access to your applications without changing your architecture

From its inception, TrustBuilder was meant to be a flexible IAM platform that was easy to connect to. We deliver on this promise by providing support for a wide range of applications, identity provides and services. With TrustBuilders connectors, integrations, APIs and SDK, equip your applications with multi-factor authentication without changing your technical environment.

The list of applications below is not exhaustive. We connect to many more. To find out how well we integrate with your applications, contact us.


Hundreds of integrations possible

Salesforce, Google Suite, CyberArk, Azure AD, Citrix, and hundreds of other integrations are available to help you secure all of your applications and provide a unified, harmonized login experience for your users.

Building trust thanks to authoritative sources

Verify that users are who they claim to be, by using trusted sources such as government-supported Identity Providers (IdPs). TrustBuilder is born and raised in Europe and supports IdPs from all countries, to provide identity information that is certified by the issuing country.

Integrate MFA inWebo strong authentication directly into your applications via our SDK

Fintech, Healthtech, CRM, messaging, social network: regardless the field of your application and its audience, you can integrate our technology from the design stage with our APIs and our SDK.

Enable strong authentication MFA inWebo in your applications, network equipment, IAM, SSO and CMS simply and quickly

We support you in the integration process and provide developers with a specific website with tools and practical guides to make the integration of our strong authentication solution MFA into your applications (even easier).

1 - Configuring

Create and configure your inWebo account on our platform.

2 - Implement

Implement the inWebo API on your platform.

3 - Test

Test the inWebo strong authentication for your application access.

4 - Provisionning

Start provisioning your users on our platform.