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All-round solution for insurance

As the insurance industry is moving from a broker-based model to direct interaction with customers, requirements evolve accordingly. Airtight security goes hand in hand with seamless customer experience. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is driving the digital transformation.


Supporting the ecosystem

Many insurance companies still work with a network of brokers who are the real contact point with the end customer. Employees of these brokers want to get access to the insurance companies’ information without having to log in each time.

TrustBuilder Identity Hub’ offers Single Sign-on and Federated Authentication, thus allowing employees of external companies to log in using their company credentials. Access is seamless. ‘TrustBuilder Connectors’ support multiple identity sources and authentication methods, delivering a seamless customer experience.

Driving digital transformation

Insurance companies have many communication channels that follow the trend of digital transformation: brokers want to exchange data with insurers, customers require direct access to their information and employees are demanding easy yet secure connections to company applications. Many processes that were previously paper based are now going digital.

Allianz Benelux relies on TrustBuilder to drive its digital transformation. TrustBuilder Identity Hub supports access for internal and external users, thus allowing brokers and customers to use their identity source and authentication method of choice. In all, TrustBuilder supports 40+ applications and thousands of users.

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Digital onboarding

Digital onboarding holds advantages for both insurance companies and their customers: less paperwork and greater efficiency. Self-onboarding is less error-prone and increases customer loyalty.

TrustBuilder Identity Hub combines a seamless customer experience with airtight security. Customers can onboard digitally using their own credentials of choice, thanks to our connections to multiple identity providers. Our Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC) principles allow you to request specific attributes such as address, date of birth… from the identity source the customer uses.

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Customer experience

As insurance companies are moving from a broker-only model towards more contact with their end customers, the bar for flawless customer experience is raised. And even business-to-business contacts expect consumer-grade ease of use.

TrustBuilder Identity Hub orchestrates user access and security across integrated applications. Orchestration manages access for everyone to every system. Authentication allows users to gain access with their own choice of authentication (BYOAuth). TrustBuilder Connectors build the bridge between different environments, allowing users seamless access.