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Tackling industry challenges with IAM

Explore how TrustBuilder Identity Hub helps industry leaders and governments establish better connections, build digital trust and meet user

Driving the employee-centric transformation in HR Services

HR services are increasingly being digitized. Traditional payroll service providers need to add other HR-related services geared at employees. HRTech in general and Identity and Access Management (IAM) in particular, play a key role in facilitating and accelerating this Copernican revolution.

Reinventing Retail Banking

The retail banking environment has undergone tremendous change. While many of its core activities have remained the same, the breadth in the number of marketing channels and the number of services has grown exponentially. Solid Identity and Access Management (IAM) is key in modern banking.

All-round solution for insurance

As the insurance industry is moving from a broker-based model to direct interaction with customers, requirements evolve accordingly. Airtight security goes hand in hand with seamless customer experience. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is driving the digital transformation.

Transforming Financial Services

The entire financial services industry is in transformation: FinTechs are claiming their share of the action, governments are imposing stricter regulations and customer are demanding a better customer experience. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the binding element in all these trends.